Men would rather see favorite team win Super Bowl than candidate win election

Men would rather see favorite team win Super Bowl than candidate win election

By Natalie O’Neill

November 22, 2019 | 1:47pm | Updated

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28% of men would rather see their favorite team win the Super Bowl or World Series than their favorite candidate win the 2020 election

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When it comes to politics, these guys are dropping the ball!

More than a quarter of men in the US would rather their favorite football team win the Super Bowl than their preferred candidate win the presidency, a new poll shows.

In a phone survey of 712 adults, 28 percent of guys admitted to caring more about the big game than the next leader of the free world, according to a press release [from Seton Hall Sports Polls]


Women, by contrast, tackled the question with more of a world view — with only 11 percent saying they’d rather their team score a championship.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that that many men care more about the outcome of a baseball or a football season than the political future of the country — but it is alarming,” said Rick Gentile, director of Seton Hall Sports Polls.

Overall, roughly 8 percent of all people punted, saying they don’t care either way.

The poll, which was taken on landlines, also shows that the better educated people are, the more strongly they feel about election results.

Among folks with no high school education, 31 percent said they’re more devoted to the pigskin than any particular politician.

Pollsters also asked the subjects if they spent more time watching sports than impeachment hearings in the past week — and 28 percent said yes. By contrast, 21 percent said they spent more time viewing the hearings.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Part of me is angry that they are so lackadaisical.

Part of me is glad that their lack of concern wont have them increasing the numbers of voters out there being misinformed and manipulated by the Fake News.

Part of me understands that a significant number of people are living full and fulfilling lives and havent the time to devote to getting a good dosage of factual and accurate political news and I would rather they NOT become enthusiastically Socialist.

And in a nod to their (hopefully) typically American male nature, many would rather stay out of having strong views about anything they havent done a good and thorough job of understanding. And that is a welcome change from the majority of Democrat voters who get all involved and never get to the truth.

Your title is misleading. It suggests that ALL men want to see their favorite football team win the Super Bowl than have their preferred candidate win an election.

First of all, a lot of American men have stopped watching the NFL. Second of all, a lot of American men don’t like football and have never watched it. I am one of those men. My house is a hockey house and only a hockey house. I don’t care about the NFL or who wins the Super Bowl.

This is nothing but sensationalism to get people to read about a boring and irrelevant poll.


Thanks for your reply.

Not ALL men.

More than a quarter of men in the US

What do you think the % of Hockey fans who would rather their team win the Stanley Cup than their candidate win?

I think the poll gives us a bit of info that might be useful later.

I file it away and hope it can be part of making some future puzzle become identifiable.

They must have only been asking retired people, college students, or the unemployed because the impeachment hearings were only on during business hours. People who work couldn’t sit around watching it all day. I don’t know anyone who would take their paid time off to do so either.

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Don’t know and don’t care because I don’t think it’s a relevant question. What about people who like American cheese. Would they rather have a grilled cheese sandwich than see their candidate win? That depends on how long it’s been since they’ve eaten.

Again, this is a stupid question asked by pollsters looking for new nonsense to give the appearance of scientific correlation.




Nice post. I think you just clearly documented the fuzzy business model of the political polling industry. Polling is just a scam to keep pollsters in business.