Melanie Shaw Beechwood Children's Home Abuse

Don’t know if anyone is familiar with this story but briefly a girl who was at a care home for children in Nottingham some time ago has been trying to bring to the public’s attention the high level of abuse that went on there and the people involved. Anyway the bastards have had her locked up now for over a year without any representation and in the last couple of days have secured an order for now to be kept for an indefinite period under the mental health act. Yes this is going on to vulnerable people in 2019 in this corrupt country of ours. This is how they bury people who know too much. It’s a disgrace, if you live in the UK take a few minutes and write to your MP and ask for them to investigate this issue. They can do this to anyone.

I don’t know the full history of this case but have some links which give further background details. If anyone can shed more light on this case be interesting to hear it here.

The sound is a little off first minute or so of this vid but ok after that.

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That’s what I got when I tried to watch the video linked in the linked article.

I am certainly in no position to know who is responsible for this travesty, but I would bet my life that when such is discovered, it will be some member(s) of the aristocracy, the government or the ‘royal’ family.

What’s the chances that she is just a nut who makes up stories? She was abused by her family. Then… saved from her family… she was abused by her foster caregiver. Then … saved from her foster home… she was abused at this children’s home.

Hmmmmmm. Not an impossible story but improbable.

What she has gone through, and what she initially exposed, can only be described as unprecedented evil.

They’ve gone out of their way to silence her: which means, she’s obviously telling the truth.


I think she is fairly messed up but who wouldn’t be under those circumstances. There have clearly been issues at that same location with other people. Problem I have is there has been very little investigation by the police and as soon as this woman started speaking out she found herself locked up. The court case last year had no reporters and no public gallery. Now why would they do that with a nut job ? Even if she was/is she should have representation and not judged behind closed doors, it stinks.

I’m inclined to think the same. If her mental state is fragile now, it is little wonder.

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