Melania Trump Hates Christmas and Doesn't Care About Children in Cages

I’m sure you Republicans will defend this and then turn around in a couple of months and say that the Democrats are waging a war on Christmas. Turns out that Melania Trump hates Christmas. it also turns out that Melania Trump doesn’t care about putting children in cages and separating them from their families. I won’t be surprised by all of you defending this but she isn’t the person that you think she is. Melania Trump is a con artist just like her husband.

I like how the entire video is taken out of context. We have no idea what she was talking about at the start of this conversation or how she was led down a particular path by the person recording it. Obviously, she was referring to decorating the White House as something that was not as important as another issue that she was more concerned about. If you actually listen to the tape you would hear that she was trying to get coverage on how the Trump administration were able to put families together during the holidays, despite them breaking our laws to enter this country. You people are disgusting.


Wait…are you saying that Democrats care about Christmas decorations now?


If this is the best that you could come up with…the Democratic position is obviously very weak. Once you get past the first 30 seconds Melania is complaining that she can’t be more effective to help children. Of course, you come from the party that just views children as a clump of cells so you obviously wouldn’t understand what she’s talking about.

You’re just mad because this is 100% confirmed proof that Melania Trump hates the left, just like the majority of the country does.

BREAKING NEWS: Melania Trump hates putting up Christmas decorations just like most normal people

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She’s right. No one gives a shit about White House Christmas decorations. In fact, they attacked her for them, so what’s the point?

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You are retarded! Your stupidity can’t be fixed!

Who started the children in cages bit? Oh I know! Obozo did, which is a fact you simply can’t admit!

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Of course she comes from the party of stupidity! Proof positive with the weak substance of this post!

Awwww. . . . look here, the baby-killing, sodomy promoting, socialist pig all of a sudden cares about Jesus and Christmas. Really.

So does that mean you are against sin now?
Do you condemn the holocaust of abortion?
Do you condemn the abomination of Dodomy (Gay Marriage)?
Do you condemn your previous support of socialism?

Are you with Jesus now?

This is the typical sort of stupidity one expects from a punkass Democrat piece of shit.

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Melania’s ‘scandalous’ secret tapes were actually mild and thoughtful compared to tranny Michelle Obama’s histrionic, racially motivated public outbursts.

Just imagine the even nastier shit tranny Michelle said behind closed doors which nobody will ever hear.

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And how does she fare with the thieving Bidens and the Arkancide Clintons? On a personal note, I do not trust politicians - whether Republicans or Democrats but one needs perspectives here. Melania may not like Christmas but the genocide of Christians in Syria can be squarely blamed on the Obama-Hillary regime. Earlier, Christians were massacred in Kosovo when Bill Clinton was president.

The lives of Christians - anywhere - matter more than Christmas trinkets and trees.

Touche! Quite a contradiction, aint it?

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Who cares about Christmas?

America’s enemy is inside the US, not in far away places like China or Afghanistan.


You are a moron and can’t get the facts correct . If you intend to start a post on a subject know what the fuck you are talking about . DIPSHIT !

Am I allowed to say that this statement is sick, stupid, ignorant and pathetic without getting banned?

Obviously none of those things are true, and they are the product of a diseased mind.

As far as “Melania Trump hates Christmas” goes, we shall just dismiss that as obviously ridiculous.

As far as cages go, this propaganda has been proven wrong too many times already. When parents take their children to commit crimes and the parents get arrest, the children are obviously not thrown in the cell with the parents but rather are separated from the.

It happens in America every day. We don’t throw children in the cell with their criminal parents.

It is interesting that the OP of the thread is okay with dragging your kids along to commit a federal crime. The OP lays no responsibility on the parents at all.

No surprise there since this thread is not intended to be intelligent but is intended to spread hate and TDS.

The White House Hanukkah Party is an annual reception held at the White House and hosted by the U.S. President and First Lady to recognize and celebrate the ■■■■■■ festival of Hanukkah. The tradition was established in 2001, during the administration of George W. Bush.


Good. God bless them. It is a fine tradtition.

Your stupid photo is played man. How many times have you posted that dumb thing?

Until you get it. LOL

Until I get what, your sick disease of antisemitism? Never happen.