Medicaid recipients will owe co-pays starting 1 JAN 2019 and more people have to work for food stamps!



Of course people are up in arms already! I absolutely think this should have been done a long time ago.

Since it is an entitlement and is never going away, I think this is a great way to provide care these leeches are going to get anyway, and prevent abuse.

“Massive amount of confusion and chaos.” “The timing is really terrible,” Beauregard said. “What’s the rush? Why do we need to make a big change now and another big change three months later?” “From our perspective, it’s unwise do to major changes like this back to back,” she said.

Got some pricing details from CNN, where most welfare leeches go to get their news:

Most co-payments will be between $1 and $8, but inpatient services, such as hospital admissions or mental health and substance abuse admissions, will be $50.


That’s good to hear with regards to Medicaid, but not new.

One improvement would be to deprive recipients of use of the E R altogether unless they’re there for, well, an absolute life threatening emergency.

And get rid of WIC, which in my state of residence is an automatic eligibility for pregnant women & children under the age of 5 if egg donor already receives Medicaid and/or SNAP.

No one is willing to explain what special, sacred foods are needed by pregnant women & children under 5 that aren’t needed by others. Can’t rationally explain it, or won’t—just scream hysterically at me that :scream: my kids get or got that, don’t take it away—then we shouldn’t have it.


Co payments should be 20 bucks.

Not a big amount but enough to make people think about a doctors visit. Do I really need to see the doctor for a cold???


But when rushing to the ER for a cold the charge needs to be $75 at least !! It’s about time the able bodied slugs do a little work and make some effort to provide for themselves . We are stuck with generations of dependent basement dwellers on xbox 20 hours a day . END this BS !!!



Not a proponent of the Medicaid program, but many on it DO work. They’re just not offered group health benefits & can’t afford to buy a private health insurance policy. The maximum income to participate isn’t $0.00.

That said they should not be allowed use of the E R for stuff like follow up visits (no kidding, actually needed the place for dehydration & :face_vomiting: & it took 5 hours to be seen after people who were perfectly capable of walking unassisted to their follow up appointment).

A lot of this Health Insurance for everyone nonsense is NOT being deprived of treatment. It’s a matter of beggars wanting to be choosers & go someplace other than public health or Planned Parenthood for their care.


Why can’t we just have private hospitals? If you aren’t a “member” of the hospital then they don’t have to let you in. That would make life so much easier for the rest of us who PAY FOR OUR OWN HEALTHCARE!


At last! Someone who shares my idea!:slightly_smiling_face:


YES , REALLY !!! Over 90 % do NOT work , so REALLY !


Over 90%? Got a link to that?

I’m not expecting elderly who are more feeble, or children, or severely disabled to work.

Some states there are conditions besides the Odummer Care requirements to cover, like infertility as a medical condition, and sex reassignment surgery. It’s too expensive for small business employers in particular to provide health insurance, & their employees can’t afford to buy private insurance, so they’re covered by Medicaid. To say almost all of the recipients are just sitting around playing with an X box isn’t a complete look at the problems of those who otherwise wouldn’t have insurance.