Meanwhile last week the Fisa court had a little problem with the FBI

Every one of the 29 applications that the Justice Department inspector general audited had problems with what is known as the Woods Procedures, which is supposed to be how the FBI justifies the information in its applications for secret warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Sorta chokes that Deep State doo doo in the crib.

During my career if I had f----ed up two times in a row I would have been done.

The deep state not so much.

The holdover FBI and DOJ 29 of 29.

Gritty burned 980 million of Other People’s Money…

Is it Grifty or Gritty, I’m confused.

Does it have a tabby stapled to its head?

I take it you don’t look favorably toward redemption.


Tangelo Taint Tumor is gonna have a rough time at The Gates…

I presume you are an expert, so I’ll defer.

Not a member of that cult…

But on reflection, I realize you segued from “2 Strikes, You’re Out” to “980 million, the Plaza, United shuttle…so what?”…





Not a member of that cult…"

Sad for you that your brain lacks that component.

Trust me on this…“brains” is not a pissing contest a Trump fluffer will ever win.

So you support the Deep State FBI and their “lack of candor” pertaining to 29 of 29 FISA applications.

There is no Deep State…

I would bet that any retroactive review of such processes AT ALL LEVELS would find similar deficiencies…

You carp about the deficit yet are oblivious to the level upon level upon level of Permanent DC.


But that was exactly my point…

You are worked up over a fiction, and entirely unaware of what is transpiring with the Deficit…

Which was the reason you stapled teabags to your conical cap in 2009…

I’m well aware of Permanent DC deficits and historical inflation. Hence, my handle.

MMF will have it’s day in court.

Anticipating your gratuitous tea bagger comment, so save your keystrokes.

So post the FY 2019 deficit.