Meanwhile in China Former Leader Hu Jintao is seen being removed from PRC Congress

Former Leader Hu Jintao is seen being forcibly removed from PRC Congress upon Xi’s wishes.

Hu Jintao stands for maintaining good US relations, and is also an opponent of a forceful solution to the Taiwan issue. Such a conclusion from the hall “under the handles” is probably a symbolic point in Hu’s political career.

Here is another wider angle shot

Perhaps more context to the story

Update on this story

I guess the riff is over the pending Taiwan take over.

Just a guess.

That is what has been confirmed. In fact they made it clear that taking Taiwan is their next focus. Now that the US is seen as being weaker they see this as an opportunity to pounce. What is more distressing, is the Biden administration is looking to get into a war with Russia as the 101st is now doing military exercises just across the border from Russia. Seems to me that with midterms just a few weeks away and knowing the Democrats are going to lose badly because they are failing at everything, a war seems like the perfect excuse to blame their failures on. We get preoccupied in Europe while China invades Taiwan.

See the playbook here?