May's Delay on Brexit Vote

Why is May delaying the Brexit vote? Is she garnering votes for or against it?

Because she has finally accepted that she will lose it. With that, she can kiss goodbye to her arse, but if she cancels the vote, she can cling on for longer.

Is she still favoring a sham…Brexit without exit? appease both sides?

May has succeeded in uniting the country where all other politicians have failed; united in hatred for her.


Don’t know if you caught it but May said the following “make sure we deliver a smooth exit from Brexit” She actually just told the truth for the first time.

The excuse for not moving forward on Brexit is, “We need to find a deal! How are we going to structure relations with Europe with no EU member!?”

They are too stupid to just go back to the way things were done pre-EU. It wasn’t that long ago.

Are you kidding?

It was going down hard.

When faced with certain defat, RETREAT.

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Nigel now predicts the largest constitutional crisis that the British Parliament has seen in over a hundred years.

Maybe the British people should stop sitting on their hands and do something about this.

For the same reason that the wall is never going to get built.

It’s just never going to happen. might as well delay it and kick the can is far down the road as humanly possible - or at least until you are booted out of office.

We are marching and protesting right now.

We the people of the UK voted in favor of Brexit; now, is the time for a no confidence vote to be held to oust Treason May. Next, we put in a Prime Minister who will move forward with Brexit. To hell with the EU and Brussels.


Oh dear Mrs May, looks like a wasted journey!
Why is he speaking English? I thought he hated English, that it is a dying language and no one speaks it anymore.

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Did I hear him say that withdrawal will not be permitted?..and receive applause for the statement?

Every time I watch a video from the EU chambers, I notice that the chairs are numbered…not identified with a country name.

Next thing you know, the delegates will all be assigned bland usernames so their ethnicity and country of origin are not determinable.