Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull artificial insemination facility, firefighters forced to dodge 'projectiles'

OMG! Comedy gold!! I can not stop laughing at the reference of dodging projectiles! At first glance this reads as a satire piece but upon further reading I Guess it turns out that it’s true!:joy::rofl:

Yikes! Newsweek is getting desperate!

here2b queer should been hit with at least 12 of them.She would not have to worry about mens semen in her and maybe giving birth to a Minotaur.

I read the title and thought the Republican National Convention started early :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Real nice. I showed that to my girlfriend who laughed. Good thing we don’t care what Trump supporters think of us!

Has she ever had an encounter with semen?

BREAKING NEWS: Europe in chaos after news that semen rations are going to be lower than expected.

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Actually, I don’t have a problem with gays or lesbians. Only the ones who want to force their lifestyles on everyone else
You throw your man hating bitterness at all men instead of those who have hurt you or caused you to become gay.
I respect a woman like Ellen DeGeneres because she doesn’t remind everyone that she’s a lesbian and doesn’t promote it on her show.


How are the cucks going to get their protein shots in their Pumpkin ■■■■■ Lattes now?


Maybe sperm banks will sell the donated sperm that is past the experation date to Starbucks at a discount.

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Maybe that is what’s putting the “Trike” in dyke really means?:rofl::rofl:

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