Massive Militia 2nd Amendment Rally To Take Place At Virginia Capitol On January 20th 2020

Of course we don’t…

But those who display it do so for its inflammatory value.

It’s like the democrats have gone literally tone deaf. As if since they didn’t win and can’t advance their agenda they actually want to divide the country and create a civil war.

Yes it is. After double checking, National review has been regularly updating this story and this was the latest.

You are correct, except that flag is not the Stars and Bars.

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I am fortunate to live in NE Oklahoma. We vote out people who remotely go against us. Proudly not ONE of 77 counties voted for Hillary in the last Presidential election and likewise both terms of Barack 0bama. Even many of our Democrats hate how far left the party has gone.


Where were all the people in these counties
During your Election? This country decides issues such as this in Elections and in court.

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Don’t you get it? The Democrats flooded the urban areas with illegals and turned them out at the polls. They flipped the state because of how hard they have been pushing open borders. They are openly bragging about it.


Guarantee orders have been passed down. The reality of towns and counties breaking away and forming their own enclaves of conservative societies seems to be the trend lately. States are drawing up plans to maintain their state rule but much like secession occured it will spread like wildfire in predominantly rural areas. You have an alliance of towns and counties occurring what would prevent them from cutting off the urban “command” centers and starving them out? It’s not unrealistic by any means.

This kind of event, openly attacking the Second Amendment, is making people more and more angry at the Democratic Party and the excerption of their God rights. This is going to backfire on them big time!

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Are you not viewing what is happening in Virginia right now, 75 counties have basically seceded from the state government and are forming militia. The National Guard is not going to obey this order, UCMJ Article 105 I think, you don’t obey an illegal order instead you must arrest those who make it. So the governor better think long and hard before he makes that order.

Luckily we know those given authority by the State always consider the legality of an action before obeying orders. :wink:

Oh - but if gun confiscation occurs without incident in VA, I will finally start seriously planning my move to Russia.

That’s not quite what was proposed and if something akin to same were to pass the federal courts would crush it immediately.

No they haven’t and no they aren’t.

Is this it?


Care to expand on that with the all important…why?

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There are 95 total counties in Virginia. There are a total of 95 Second Amendment sanctuaries as some counties voted it down but some small towns and cities voted in favor of 2A. I hate this beanie wearing idiot but he provides a quick rundown.

Why? Because it hasn’t gotten to that point yet.

All of this talk about using the NG to seize weapons began with one democrat house member running his yap to get press time and impress his buddies.

The Governor even issued a statement that it was not even being considered.

Yes, that was the first confederate flag,
But many said it resemble the united states flag to much. So they Used the one in the middle. Then said it look to much like the white flag of surrender so they used the last one until the end

Northam said there will be consequences for law enforcement not enforcing the gun laws he passes.