MASSIVE DOJ LEAK Reveals Mueller Finished Trump-Russia Probe MONTHS BEFORE 2018 Midterm Elections

Get in here! DC is going to EXPLODE. We know that the Mueller investigation was a sham, but he had conclusively demonstrated that Trump was in the free and clear before the 2018 midterms and kept his filthy mouth shut about it. The Dems swept the midterms. Mueller needs to be locked up.


Not surprising at all. Mueller committed “obstruction” in the ‘90s when the Senate was investigating the ATF Waco mass murder. He’s an old hand a abusing government power to achieve political goals. That’s why he gets brought in to things.



What a sham. The whole thing is rotten to the core.

Heads should roll for this. But of course they won’t.

There needs to be retribution for this. I hope that the president decides to take the gloves off and give everyone involved in this hoax the punishment that they deserve. What’s crazy to me is that Mueller probably knew that withholding the results of his investigation would sway things in favor of the Democrats during the mid-terms. At least this confirms who his pay masters were.

An Investigation Of The Investigation
Will Lead Where The Evidence Takes It
Once Pay-Dirt Is Struck
No Telling What Can Happen

What We Do Know For A FACT
Is The Clinton Campaign Colluded With The Russians
To Produce A Fraudulent Dossier
To Effect A National Election
That Went On To Attempt To Un-Seat
A Lawfully Elected President

Timing is an effective weapon…especially when holding back exculpatory evidence.


My thing is…Mueller knew the type of damage that this would cause the Trump Administration and the Republican Party. By intentionally withholding the results of his investigation, he let the Democrats grasp a hold of the house based upon lies and deceit. We should recall the entire midterm election at this point. Mueller should be in prison for this.

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Sen. Lindsey Graham tells James Comey, ‘See you soon’

That quote cracks me up…I just hope Graham follows through.

This is a long, but MUST , read. Victor Davis Hanson has done it again. In the process, he has revealed several telling details about the investigation of which you were likely not aware (as I was not).

Read the entire article.


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A reckoning yes, retribution no.

“Retribution” politicizes payback, what we need here is justice.