Massive conversion of Khazars to Judaism

Christ was a direct descendant of King David, Hebrew King and ■■■■

And who was David a descendent of?


I’ve already explained the origin of the Judeans who were the descendants of Yehuda.

He was a ■■■ which is clearly documented.

Who are you referring to? David or Jesus?

The same applies to both.

Phariseism is Talmudism.(Today’s Talmudists admit that,)

There were various sects of Judaism around the time of Jesus. Jesus was one of the hellenized ■■■■ who spoke Greek.

Correct and wrong. Khazars were Asians from northern China/Mongolia, a branch of Gokturks.

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You should correct your statements by inserting “in your opinion” seeing nothing you post here is verified as fact but just subjective and another opinion! You are not the authority of what is truth and never will be no matter how hard you try to insist you are!

Talking to me?
My “opinions” are facts and backed by other researchers.
I don’t care what snobs think.

No they are not and the only snob here is you! Your arrogance shines!

Nothing you claim on the subject can be supported by any actual fact or from any credible source.

Nobody believes Zionists now.

A lame diversion even for you. Those studies were not done in Israel or by ■■■■■ they were done world wide by numerous respected research hospitals and universities. You were already provided the documentation and you know it.