MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH


That’s why I don’t take them seriously either. :wink:





Well, if they read his virulent racist anti semitic lies I can see where some might be a might miffed with him.


They pulled what was left of it from the rubble.

Aluminum doesn’t fare too well when it impacts steel reinforced concrete at over 500mph.


Yes, but don’t let facts cloud your judgement, this is about pure blind hatred and ignorance.


Yep you only need to read the Torah to realise how much they hate us.


I"m supposed to believe you can read Hebrew?

I spent most of 3.5 years in Israel, I think if they hated me I’d have noticed. The only hate I ever saw directed my way came from the “palestinians” not the Israelis.


I have to backup TWR on this. Ancient hebrew will continue to be studied forever. The first word in Genisis is “B’ereshit” (b’air-ah-sheet) Simply translated means “in the beginning” yet the B (beta) is unnecessary because Ereshit (air-ah-sheet) means “in the beginning” Some argure the only reason B’ereshit, the use of B (beta) suggests a SECOND beginning, suggesting we colonized this planet or were simply ‘seeded’ here.

And that’s just the FIRST WORD of the scrolls.You think that sounds crazy? maybe; but there’s plenty there to entice further investigation, there has been for millenia. Hence the hebrew scholars, still chipping away at it. I find it fascinating. Had an Israeli girlfriend in NYC for a couple of years who taught me a bunch of Hebrew. I had no reason to pursue it (nor the time). BTW I highly recommend Israeli women for all you single guys out there. Some beauties and they know how to handle a gun.



Yep the bible was written by rabbinical scribes to put the fear of god in the rest of us


Don’t be silly the Joos translated it into English for me - otherwise god wouldn’t scare us into submission


Hell with Greece and King James. lol


Think you’ll find it was tyndale who is credited with the first translation and he mainly had Hebrew texts to work from - ergo the bible was written in Hebrew by rabbinical scribes originally.

An interesting factoid abt James is that shortly after the bible was published he died and shortly after that under Cromwell the Jews were allowed back into England - Just cohencidence I’m sure but interesting just the same.


Ah, so you do know Google-fu. Why did you think that the Jews wrote the English translation then?


I think I said they wrote the bible - I didn’t specify the language they used.


:thinking: :confused:


The original bible or Torah was written in hebrew by rabbinical scribes who also later translated it into English for King James - does that make it a bit clearer for you.
btw - I never use google - too much censorship - duck duck go is much better


Tyndale was a rabbinical scribe?


Tyndale translated it, he didn’t write it, a subtle difference but important nonetheless


So… rabbinical scribes did not translate the Torah for ya. Oh well. :frowning:


No, the original Torah was written in Hebrew only part of which was included in the Christian bible as the Old Testament. Some of the verses of the OT were originally written in Aramaic.

The rest of the Bible, the New Testament was first written in Greek originally as that was the language of Scholarship during the first couple of hundred years of Christianity.