Massive 5 acre Fire in Florida Breaks Out

How is this coincidence? OK call me a conspiracy theorist because this is just crazy what has been happening to the various states with food processing plants, chemical explosions poisoning our water, our air, and other related hazards that is putting American lives in danger.

Why is it whenever these disasters occur is only happening in Red States?

Ask yourself:

Is this somehow normal and it’s never been on the news?

Why so many disasters with commodities and supply chains in a short period of time?

This is not coincidence as something sinister is definitely happening and we as citizens need to do something to find out who is behind these attacks.

This country is literally under attack and we don’t even know it yet


It’s been non-stop since Biden took office, yet the media isn’t saying a word. We’ve had countless food production facilities get burned to the ground, attacks on the electrical grid, attacks on our water supply, chemical train derailments, and shortages of baby formula.

But you are a far-right conspiracy theorist if you notice these things.


Eventually the rubber has to meet the road where the sabotage of these plants, attacks on grids, and contamination of Food and water supply is going to be felt and noticed. Then what?

No one is going to do anything. No one ever does. Now, it’s just a waiting game for total collapse, starvation, and death.

At least when we are gone, there is nothing to stop the third worlders from tearing the flesh off of those responsible - since we will no longer be there to protect “our greatest ally”

Did you mean meet?
Yeah this is definitely deep state related. If media reported a quarter of the news, we wouldn’t be internally attacked.

Its “meet” using quotation marks dumba$$!

It sure we be nice if we could also have “fiery, but peaceful” protests.

Another consequence of fake 2020 elections.

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