Mass shooting is the white man sport

Oh wait

UPDATE: 12:30 p.m. 8/31: Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson calls for stricter protocol at football games after shooting.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Batiste has said six victims have been treated and released from the hospital. Three are still in the hospital

UPDATE 10:34 AM: Mayor Stimpson, Chief Battiste and city officials will provide an update on last night’s incident at Ladd Stadium at noon today at MPD headquarters

UPDATE 8:39 AM: Deangelo Parnell was formally booked into Mobile Metro Jail at 7:41 AM Saturday. The jail log lists nine counts of attempted murder as the only charges he’s facing at this time. These are the only charges he has faced in Mobile County as an adult according to the log. Mobile’s Police Chief couldn’t say if the suspect had a criminal record as a juvenile.

ORIGINAL STORY: MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) Mobile police have arrested a teenager in connection to a shooting at Ladd Peebles Stadium on Friday night. Police have updated the number of shooting victims to nine.

Deangelo Parnell, 17, is charged with nine counts of attempted murder, according to a spokesperson for the Mobile Police Department. He turned himself into police early Saturday morning. Parnell is a student at LeFlore High School.

The shots were fired in the concourse of the stadium near the end of the LeFlore vs. Williamson High School football game. Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste tells News 5 those injured range in age from 15-47.

“This is a cowardly act by an individual who didn’t know how to deal with a situation,” said Battiste.

Battiste said the shooting stemmed from a fight, and Parnell pulled out a gun and started “indiscriminately shooting.” Some of the victims have been released from the hospital, but it is not clear how many.

Investigators have reviewed surveillance video, which clearly shows the 17-year-old suspect firing the shots, according to Battiste. Police believe Parnell was the only shooter, but the police chief said investigators believe there are adults who knew something would be happening at the game. Chief Battiste urged adults to come forward with information in such situations.

Mobile police will review stadium security early next week at Ladd Peebles Stadium and other stadiums where high school football games are played.

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No worries for supporters of the US Constitution.

This one’s black.

This story is never going to turn up on CNN.

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The majority of mass shooters — being defined as killing 4+ in a single incident — in 2019 have been black or some other shade of brown.

Again, there is no “gun” problem. There is a race problem.


Let me help you out with this one libs; 1) you have to be 18 to purchase a long gun and 21 to purchase a pistol in Alabama. 2) Shooter was 17. He isn’t legally able to purchase a firearm.

Oh, nevermind. They still can’t grasp the concept that criminals don’t give a shit about gun control.


Don’t worry - they already fucked it up when they thought whitey was pulling the trigger. As soon as they realized they done goofed they buried this shit.

Sorry guys, not a mass shooting. Nobody killed and it looks like it was gang activity.

To be classed as a mass shooting there has to be four or more killed in a single location not associated with any other crime or gang activity.

Had this mongrel had white skin it would be the equivalent of armegeddon…but because he’s black and had bad aim the MSM downplays it.

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If he’d killed four or more it would be national news as long as it met the rest of the criteria.

Dude shot up a high school football game. It was national news when they thought the shooter was white.

No, the shooting happened after the game and nobody was killed which is why the story died off pretty fast.

Was Deangelo Parnell was trying to shoot his way into a gifted program at school? I hear the competition for those coveted classes are pretty fierce.

Deangelo liked to make people smile and had some mad rhymes. I hope this incident doesn’t interrupt his dreams of going to brain surgery school or attending astronaut college.

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Early word from the locals is “neighborhood beef” ie Likely gang related.

So yeah, I am glad that no one died, and pray for the victims to recover, but what about “black supremacy”? Why is it that it only gets 24/7 coverage when it is a white person who pulls a trigger? The fact that the game had ended is really not important tbqh.

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Getting the details right always matters.

If the kookaboo is white, it’s BANNER HEADLINES around the world, at light speed. If any other color, it’s 9 lines on page 23. Can you spell hypocrisy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - And here we go: Sections


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West Texas mass shooting leaves 5 dead and 21 wounded



AUG. 31, 2019

8:04 PM

Five people are dead and 21 wounded in western Texas after a shooter opened fire from his vehicle Saturday in the Odessa and Midland area, police said.

The shooter was firing at random from his car, hitting multiple people, including several law enforcement officers and a 17-month-old girl, police said. At one point he ditched his gold Honda, hijacked a U.S. Postal Service vehicle and continued on his rampage.

The shooter — identified only as a “white man” in his 30s — was shot and killed in a gun fight with police behind a movie theater, authorities said.

:rofl::rofl: " HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT "

Interesting how the media describes shooters as white, incels, white nationalists and so on.

But in this shooting, no mention of race. Hmmn, what’s different about Deangelo and other recent mass shooters?

The DC Sniper; or as Liberal 101 puts it, that’s different. image

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See Chicago most days of the week and see more black on black shootings and not a peep from the MSM !

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