Mass Shooting in Germany - 6 Dead and More Wounded

Six people have been killed and others wounded in a shooting in the south-west German town of Rot am See.

Police say a suspect has been arrested after the attack, reportedly in a building close to the railway station.

Police in the state of Baden-Württemberg said initial indications suggested there was a relationship between the suspect and the victims.

There was no evidence that anyone else was involved in the shooting, they said.

The Bild website reported that those killed in the attack were family members, but there was no confirmation from police.

The shooting happened at around 12:45 (11:45 GMT) in Bahnhofstrasse, local media report, and police said they responded with a large operation.

Rot am See is a small town of some 5,000 residents and local reports say the suspect is in his thirties.

I thought Germany had incredibly restrictive gun laws! We all know that gun laws prevent shootings! There is no way that this happened. Probably very fake news. Words on paper always stop criminals from getting guns and killing other people.

Impossible! Guns are banned in Germany.

At least they have common-sense gun legislation.

There must be a mistake since guns are banned.Liberals should take notice how well gun bans work.

They work very well there, that’s why such events are the unusual there, and not the norm as here.

They don’t seem to be working very well for the victims. You know, the victims who are unarmed. Almost forgot, it will always be effortless for criminals to locate & acquire illegal firearms & ammunition. Now, how to deal with this? I know, take the firearms away from the law abiding citizens; who are the least likely to use a firearm for criminal activity.

Unbelievable isn’t it - that the criminals have the advantage over law-abiding. Anyone caught with a gun of any kind should be shot in the knee caps with it; that simple expedient would rid the streets of guns once and for all. They’d be queueing up to surrender them in the amnesty. lol

No law you can imagine will ever stop a determined bag guy from getting one.

In the age of the internet and 3D printers it’s utterly impossible.

All restrictive gun laws really accomplish is to raise the price of guns and spur burgeoning black markets in making and trading illegal firearms.

The estimate is 12 billion firearms on the planet (. 50 cal & under ); and about 750,000,000 to 1 billion are unaccounted for - in the wind.

The US has at least 50% of the firearms on the planet and fewer than 3 million of those in civilian hands can even be traced. :rofl: .

I have exactly four that are in my own name and that’s less than 5% of what I own.

I have little doubt, if I were a criminal, that I could find what I wanted in a week or two. But I’m a law abiding citizen; and am willing to put up with the hypocrisy. I got nothin to hide.

All of mine were legally acquired. I just tend to buy from other individuals rather than new. Herein Texas and Oklahoma, “private sales” are “private”.

There were two wonderful Winchesters at my grandmother’s house, and the entire family used them for deer hunting; but long gone. Every family has it’s bastards. A 45 -70 and a 50 -110. I only ever used the 45 - 70.

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The problem with the heirlooms is that unless they were cleaned religiously most of the barrels look like rotted out iron sewer pipes due to the corrosive powders and primers of the day.

It wasn’t until Remington developed our modern primers in the fifties that the corrosion problem was finally solved.

I grew up shooting the 45-70 both i a Ruger No 1 and Marlin 1895’s. I still have a real soft spot for the lever guns but don’t own any right now. I remember the Vernier sight like it was yesterday.

I had one on an 1885 Highwall. Amazing how well they worked when properly calibrated.