Mass shooting at fourth of July parade In Illinois

Time to draw a line in the sand! Either we unite or you leave!

Must have been a black shooter twitter removed it from trending…
More information to come

Live coverage

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They said the shooter is still at large … I hope they get the bastard… he was in a roof picking ppl off. Means he wants to live.

Still on the loose

I miss the stories when something horrific goes down not only does law enforcement hunt down the killer but they guy with the hound dog joins the death, other neighbors grad there weapons and just the sob down. Now I just watch pretty boy college idiots walking around in a their uniform with out a clue what to do.

I remember the Boston bomber search cops yelling stay in the house. No fuck you! You stay in the house fat fcukers. This is my country.

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo

Some say he’s MAGA, some say he’s antifa, not sure if this was a political Act but this kid had Demons. Hope they hang him in the town square for all to see.


That’s Chiraq for you !!!

Another shooting in a state with gun control laws.
The parents are responsible by not listening to school officials when notified of his mental problems and homeschooled him.