Maryland Sheriff Joins Growing Number Refusing To Enforce Gun Laws

Why should rural areas suffer at the hands of city governments that cannot resolve their gun crime problems without infringing the rights of legal gun owners?


Good on this Sheriff for upholding the Constitution, but it is not enough. We need to be aggressively pro-active in REMOVING these “problem” politicians.

When do we organize? When do we march on the state capitols, lay hands on these traitors and hang them by their necks? WHEN?

It is well past time.


How are they supposed to have their communist take over if the cops won’t do as their told and bludgeon the population on command?

Yes…because Baltimore’s inner city negros can’t stop killing each other, they want to enact more gun laws for law abiding citizens throughout the entire state of Maryland. Makes perfect sense.

We need more of this! Many Sheriffs across the Country are saying FU to their State Legislatures that are passing these unconstitutional laws. They know if you take the guns from the law- abiding citizens, only the criminals will have them. That makes their job twice as hard and 10x more dangerous. Guns are the tools of bad guys. Like a knife, or a hammer…so, good try but it doesn’t matter if States pass these unconstitutional laws, we are under no obligation to abide by them.

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Agree, but can we duel track the issue such as legal immigration and illegal? Seems to me that is also on the list of priorities that needs serious addressing.

So the leftist policy is to bankrupt the nation, flood it with third world scum and when crime increases… try to force gun confiscation. Too bad they didn’t do the math. Bankrupting the nation = bankrupting the police departments = no forced gun confiscation agenda will really work.

Again, all moot. Laws or no laws; and enforced or not; it will always be effortless to locate & acquire an illegal firearm & ammunition. Gun laws only apply to the people ( law abiding citizens ) who are the least likely to use a firearm to commit a crime.

Why are liberals anti-gun? Because blaming guns is easier than recognizing their terrible parenting skills have led to a decline in respect, values, and morals in our nation’s youth.

Watched a Finnlandian streamer chick the other day ask, “what do Americans need all those guns for?” I couldn’t help myself replying in twitch chat, “So they don’t have to ally with Hitler to repel the Soviets and then ally with the communists to repel Hilter”.