Maryland bill would ban gun carry for owners without insurance policy of at least $300K

Gun owners in Maryland would be required to buy at least $300,000 in liability insurance or forfeit their ability to carry a firearm under a new bill.

The controversial legislation, introduced by Delegate Terri Hill, D-Howard County, would prohibit the “wear or carry” of a gun anywhere in the state unless the individual has obtained a liability insurance policy of at least $300,000.

Maryland bill would require gun owners to buy up to $300K in liability insurance | Fox News

“A person may not wear or carry a firearm unless the person has obtained it and is covered by liability insurance issued by an insurer authorized to do business in the State under the Insurance Article to cover claims for property damage, bodily injury, or death arising from an accident resulting from the person’s use or storage of a firearm or up to $300,000 for damages arising from the same incident, in addition to interest and costs,” the proposed Maryland legislation said.
The demoRATS are so concerned with everyone’s “right to vote” as many times as they wish without any obstacles or inconveniences, but they cannot come up with enough obstacles to block your right to bear arms.

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Maryland man charged for cutting officer with knife during theft at Safeway

A Maryland man was arrested after using a knife to cut a loss prevention officer who attempted to stop him from stealing merchandise from a Safeway grocery store.

William Fernando Calix, 31, was charged with theft and first-degree assault and was released on a $10,000 unsecured personal bond. Christian Alexander Gonzalez, 18, was charged with theft in connection with the incident and was released from custody.

Montgomery County Police responded to the Safeway in the 10500 block of Connecticut Avenue on Tuesday shortly after 1 p.m. following a report of an armed robbery, police said in a press release.
It seems that either Collards or Tacos are in the crime news every single solitary day.

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So now gun owners have to insure criminals that break in, threaten the families and injure them.I must be missing something.


No, you aren’t missing anything. You just think like a normal person… you know, like most people thought 20 years or so ago. Unfortunately, you and I are now old and we no longer carry any weight in the politics of today. We are irrelevant in today’s world. This is why we have the woke idiots running the country. I would love to say the young people taking over will see this country well into it’s future… but all I see is the young people being indoctrinated by the prgressive left to lead this country to it’s demise.

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Welcome to a World run by demoRATS !!!

Today’s schools are nothing more than demoRAT woke indoctrination institutes . Get them while they are young and dumb !!

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