Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



Ex Steve Eisman, one of the shorters has been short Deutsche Bank for the last 6 months or so. Should be another big pay day.


DB is down about 60% in 6 months, that was a good call.


Trump calling the bluff of jerk politicians in both parties. 5 billion is a minor accounting error in our budget. Bastards allotted over 8 billion to southern mexico and central america to help with economic development. This entire “wall joke” is simply to deny Trump a victory – screw the good of the country.


Hopefully the funding generated from citizens will get the job done. :slight_smile:






What I’m looking at:

She continues to compress. I think this could well be the week EU breaks out above the descending wedge. I think the partial shutdown and the democrats taking over the house on the 3rd will spook investors and drive the dollar down – albeit temporarily

Focusing in on the 12 hr we see pressure being put on the wedge. I suspect that when it breaks out it will be a aggressive rise but will probably be contained in the mid 17s. Even though the US has its problems, the European Union also has its share of problems. If the EU violates the upper shoulder range, its anyone’s guess.

Just my opinion – that and a buck quarter will get you a cup of joe!!:joy:




Happy new year gents and ladies!

Been away so not been trading. Christmas isn’t always a great time to get into the market so it is not a problem. First trade of the year was a nice obvious one. The only self-criticism that I would give myself is that I am catching a move in the middle of a trend as opposed to picking a top or bottom. However, this style of trading seems to suit me well when I am trading the 1 minute and watching the price as it moves.

Here we go, EurUsd. 3.76% over the two positions.

Edit: forgot to mention that there was a nice wedge shaped structure that formed on the 5 minute to compliment this. That’s why my entry was sloppy. The entry was very obvious and I didn’t need to wait so long to get in.


Dow Futures are plummeting right now. Happy New Year!


Ok, here we go again. We have a higher timeframe bearish sentiment and I entered on the break of the 1 minute wedge. The candle turned into a pinbar and maybe I ought to have closed half of my position right then and that is something that I can work on in the future. I watched the price retrace and I wasn’t happy about it, but I was aware that there would be a bear candle somewhere and that would tell me the strength of the bears left in the market. After the strong bear candle, I closed half of the position to give myself breathing space and let the trade pan out a little bit. The price broke the bottom of the PB so I was confident it would run further and I simply watched for a trend change before getting out. One trade for a loss of 0.7%, but the other won for 2.5%.

Two good results, but I must say that I am getting scared of overtrading now.


At this point Jim would close his trading platform and walk away


Stocks opportunity

An Investment Trust (also called Investment Company in the USA) is winding-up. The Trust is a white-label product managed by Blackstone GSO and for some reason it is being wound-up after a proportion (about a third) of shareholders agreed to roll over their holding into the Blackstone GSO Loan Financing fund … and everybody else is accepting a return of capital. The capital return will be achieved by a sale of assets and could take up to 18 months, but maybe only 6 months depending upon whether the under lying investments can be sold on, or whether some of the assets have to be allowed to mature to achieve a best price.

Carador Income Fund … Ireland domiciled, LSE quoted, US$ denominated ( !! )
The upcoming restructuring has really knocked the share price.
Currently offered at ~$0.58, NAV per share currently ~ $0.67
So on the basis that one buys at 58 cents one can reasonably expect 66 cents after however long.



Happy New Year, gang. Let’s all pull our ATM key out and grab us some cash this year!

You read’in me good, Ex. Got a long in at the Tokyo open last night and couple good ones this morning. Have exceed my weekly profit objective. As you can see, lost my mojo on the last trade. Shut’er down. Secret to this game is to remember – we here to make money – not trade.


I thought she was breaking out to the topside last night. If I had been a “hunch trader” rather than a chart reader, I would have had a crappy day today. When there are couple 4 hr bars like this, can be subject to violent retrace. I’m standing down for a bit.


The number 10 bank in Italy, Banca Carige, has gone bust.
The chairman, CEO, and three other directors (vice presidents) have all resigned
… I didn’t know they could do that …

As a result the ECB is fire-fighting the aftermath, and I suspect that, Brexit, and the terrible retail figures are pounding the Euro.

Also I just read that the ECB has a “bail-in” policy which adversely affect the Italian public.


Thanks. Haven’t looked at news. Was wondering what the EU drop was all about.


That EU drop was nothing. Look at then yen pairings. 640 pip drop in 5 minutes on the GBP/JPY. From roughly 136.10, to 129.70. It’s why once 5pm est hits I do what I can to close any and all trades. I got lucky last year with a couple of weekend gaps, but when banks are on holidays, and it’s very low liquidity hours, I don’t touch the markets.

I was thinking about making a trade or two on friday. Now I think I’m just going to wait until next week to get some work in.


It appears that was due to Tim Cook warning on Apple’s future income…!

On UJ I have a total excursion of ~400 pips, with a gap-down just before 22:36 (GMT) of 125 pips … according to my broker. That is a huge gap, I am just trying to think if any banks were open to source liquidity at that time.


I can see you have learned several lessons of trading. Flat sometimes the best position cause ya capital is safe! I only trade EU cause I don’t have time for more and it, IMO, is the most stable of the bunch. Done some trad’in this week – very carefully, but finished for the week.