Market Traders Chewin' The Fat



Jim, today Draghi was speaking after the rate announcement … guaranteed EUR weakness.
However due to too much going on at the moment I was not watching… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I got a few leading up to the draggy press conference. I never have a open trade when he’s yapping as my lady can spike 50 so points either way on a slip of his tongue! :grin:


I love it when old lady Euro finally makes a move. The past month on the eur/jpy has been flat as fuck. Bitch needs to learn how to foxtrot again.:rofl: Long at 128.20, aiming to get out at 128.38. Not a great week on the pair, but it’s better to have a 0 day, than a negative day.


Looks a good place for a reaction 4X, good luck.


Bad news out of France. Well, at least from the economic calendar. Some mid-level impact news is not that big of a deal. But missing the mark by about 5 points is bad. Macron and the Bogdanoffs have got to get their shit together quick. Otherwise they’ll drag the euro down with their sheer incompetence. :joy:


Well I like the level for different reasons but having said that I think Macron’s incompetence is a given.:grin:


SM be careful about sharing My Fxbook. For some it can lead to performance issues.

Similar to shy bladder syndrome, you know you can piss but when the world looks on it can be a different story.


I’m done for the year. Gonna go over my notes and make couple final adjustments to my trading – not how I enter or exit but see where my weak points are. Went long Thursday with trailing stop. Looked at it just before hitting the sack and figured I should take the money and run. I didn’t – ended up with almost a 3% drawdown. Good week, but had common sense prevailed woulda been better. Probably gonna start scalping and let the longer stuff alone.


Haha, yes mate. I did it to give myself some accountability whilst on demo.





They probably got a good deal from Gordon Brown !




At the weekend I watched The Big Short.

Very interesting film, never heard of Scion until then.
I wonder, were the liar loans that easy to obtain?
Capped with a sarcastic observation concerning how many people went to jail…


For more detail Ex. It’s a good read.


Anybody gonna be working the FOMC tomorrow? I’m thinking there ain’t gonna be a rate increase but not putting my money where my mouth is.


If I’m around I’ll take part Jim. It hits at 7.00pm local time here but is generally ok for a quick smash 'n’grab.


Stu, do you setup straddle orders or do you watch-and-play?


On occasion yes but I significantly reduce risk as ultimately I prefer to see the whites of the eyes, so only if can’t be around and have a level above or below I fancy. My manual play is much the same as normal approach, once the touch paper lit let the rocket take off and engage when it runs out of fuel is probably a close analogy.

EDIT: Should have said here just to be clear that not straddle as in buy or sell in the direction. Orders straddling take off point in the form of limits to fade the initial move. Always looking at reversals regardless of time frame.


Stu brave. I chicken. I love my lady but I gotta keep eyeball on her cause I don’t trust her! :blush: