Mark Zuckerberg Accidentally Owns AOC

This is a pretty funny video. AOC basically goes apeshit on Mark Zuckerberg trying to call him a white nationalist and the Daily Caller a publication with white nationalist ties. Dude straight up looked at her like the clown she is and chumped her.

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Don’t forget AOC got fired from a fast food restaurant - for incompetence (and probably for doing inappropriate things with the wieners).

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It’s amazing. Even she struggles to turn everything into racism.

Who’s the freak in the video, thought I was going to see AOC interacting with Zuck for a one minute video not another Rush Lintball wannabe…:roll_eyes:

Um - it’s Sargon and he plays the video. Maybe you should make it past .3 seconds before spamming the thread?


You can almost hear the rusty cogs moving.

I want to see AOC besting Zuckerburg, not some fake op head. I’ll find it elsewhere.

You got to be more sensitive to the in house SPEDS here, they can be a little slow in processing information!:nerd_face::rofl:

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AOC does not “best” Zuckerberg. Not even close.

Y’all are Zucker buddies now huh??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: That will last until the next time he pisses you off censuring (in your mind) something that you want left up.


Where do you come up with this stuff. I’m not a fan of Zuckerberg, but considering he is a ■■■■■ don’t find it possible for him to be a white supremacist, yet AOC was basically calling him that.

This is the Democratic clown show! Ha! Ha!

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Well you seem to be defending him. As to his ■■■■■■■■■■■ why does that always have to factor in?
Besides, he may have been raised in ■■■■■■ faith but by no means is one. Identified himself as an atheist for years and recently acknowledged that religion has an importance.

Here is the exchange!

What gets me is how this dumb whore tries to label the "Daily Caller as a White Supremacist publication. Notice how before Zuckerberg could answer she quickly moves on? Talk about the old hit and run with anything to substantiate it. We see this all time from the Asshat Clown Monte! Typical Leftist garbage.

She called Zuck a dam Nazi. I’m no fan of the guy but WTF? He was a little stunned. He goes to answer and she moves on? He should have let her have it.

You are mirroring what I was thinking! Total hit and run and orchestrated. Its is this very reason why I despise Democrats, or any form of them.