Many millennials are relying on parents

It is what we do as parents, Samm.

Our kids are working hard and need some help? Sure. We’ve got it.

Our kids want to spend three weeks in Hawaii and want us to fund it? Erp. Nope.

Our kids are always under our umbrella until the day we die. It is just the nature of being a good parent.


Few American will tie the influx of illegals/asylum seekers to the democons.

However, the CPI since 20 years ago is up by 54%.

To be honest CPI is not something I understand. All I can tell you is that in NJ, the tax burden and cost of living has out paced salaries.

Mine don’t live with me. But if they ever wanted to, they would be welcome.


Absolutely! If I had kids…mine would do the same.

That’s a very sobering reminder of how tough it can be for many people here. Even for a single person in NJ, to live in a decent town rents can run to $20,000 per year. And then when you factor in the other costs of living you can easily add another $15,000 to that. Then when you factor in taxes, well your looking at needing a salary of over $50,000 to support yourself.

Several of my friends and neighbors are supporting their adult children. Some of these adult children are still living with their parents, some as old as 27. And believe me, these friends and neighbors bitch about it constantly. And most of them blame themselves.

It doesn’t matter where you live. A smart person will adjust. What gets me is a lot of these kids are still sporting iPhones or a high end Androids, they have their nice cars, clothes and still find time and money to go out and have some fun socializing with friends.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

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I’m a millennials and my parents relying on me financially DAMM IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A GANGSTA

Yes. My post was incomplete. I pointed out the CPI was greater than the figure cited in the link, which shows that that is not the problem with keeping up with the cost of living. The problem is that middle class, particularly lower middle class, wages have not kept up with the cost of living.

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Speaking of entry level, have you seen the requirements for “entry level” lately? Everybody wants to pay minimum wages for experienced workers it seems. Probably because they can’t afford to pay everyone $15/hr. It’s a two pronged systemic failure, imo. I’d rather do away with the minimum wage altogether, but these rich cocksuckers will never lower their prices as long as they’re solely focused on generating more and more profit. Most of the inflation is caused by these pricks not raising prices because they have to, but simply because they can. Shareholders vs. stakeholders. Microsoft just broke the trillion dollar record. When is enough enough?

Production is also up how many times since then? Workers are producing more, but being paid the same or less. Makes sense.

Umm, that’s how markets work. When you personally go to sell something how do you determine price? I don’t know about you but my criteria is how much I think someone will be willing to pay, not what I have to charge for it. Whatever that is even supposed to mean.

That isn’t how it works or even what I was talking about. Raising prices on shit that’s already selling when it isn’t based on anything other than profit grabbing is simply that. Profit grabbing. Try again.

So you need a PHD at Mc Donalds?

A masters for landscaping?

What’s manual labor worth?

How much is a HS student worth?

How much is an illegal worth?

Why would any employer pay 18 bucks an hour when there is an unlimited supply of entry level workers???

Guess a few less workers competing for jobs like illegals is certainly hurting the model class.

Guess they are not smart enough to figure it out.

Here’s what supply and demand will do for you:
Not long ago, the Bakken play centered in North Dakota was the center of the U.S. shale oil boom. Activity was so hot that McDonald’s employees were raking in $20 an hourto feed the burger and fry hungry oil workers.

Umm, grabbing profit is the essence of business. You charge what the market will bear. That’s how it works. Something is worth what people are willing to pay for it, period. That is how things are valued in a market system.

Government manipulates the market.

Excessive supply of entry level people creates a stagnant wage scenario.

Raising the mime wage creates higher prices with little gain in standard of living as price offset cost then automation increases to offset higher costs. Mc Donald kiosks is a response to higher wags.

All of this talk about entry level workers being paid crap wages is really not true. There are plenty of jobs out there that pay a living wage with benefits. The issue is a lot of these kids won’t work these jobs. I guess they think the work is below them? So, they stay at home with their parents and bitch about how unfair life is.

A good friend owns an electrical company that does work for business and residential. He has struggled for the last two years trying to hire enough people to cover the work he has. The starting wage is $20 an hour no benefits. After the first year the wage goes to $23 an hour with benefits. No experience necessary, he trains on the job.

My youngest son secured a job in a fabrication shop working part time when he was in high school. During the summer he worked there full time. For Part time work they paid him $13.50 an hour. During the first summer he got a raise and went to $14.50 an hour. After he graduated they put him on full time and increased his wage to $19.50 an hour and paid for his welding classes and certification.

A lot of his friends said he was crazy and should had gone to college. My son is now a supervisor earning $60,000 plus bonus. A lot of his friends with their college degrees are still at home bitching about not being able to find a job.

As I see it society lied to a lot of people by pushing these college degrees. Now my other son went to college and after he graduated he enlisted in the Air Force. When he gets out he will be able to pick his job.

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This is my thoughts as well. I hope when they move out, they stay out because they are successful. If they go out into the world and fail, they can come home and try again. They’re gonna be wiping my ass someday, after all.