Mandela Effect - Evidence

>be me
>rational person
>IQ 150
Berenstein bears was actually BerenSTAIN bears
>Could’ve sworn it was STEIN
>liked the books as a kid
>no big deal
>Sinbad never made SHAZAAM
>clearly remember movie
>clearly remember hearing Sinbad go “SHAZAAM!” and do magic in movie
>clearly remember disliking Shaq for ripping Sinbad off with Kazaam
>W T F
>Ed Mcmahon not in Publishers Clearing House?
>find clip posted below
>not making sense
>Rodin’s thinker doesn’t have his fist on his forehead?
>see image




Something is the up. Rodin would not say the statue has a clenched fist if it didn’t. Golden Girls would not associate Ed Mcmahon with PCH for no reason. I SAW SHAZAAM WITH MY OWN EYES. People are noticing all kinds of changes. Before throwing ad hominems, please address the evidence and debunk it, because it truly appears that reality is altering.

Again, I am not convinced because it is so incredible . . . but these data must be addressed.


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Wait - so Ed McMahon wasn’t in Publishers Clearing House? How is that even possible? I distinctly remember this.

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Here is some tasty residue from our previous timeline.


This just sent me down a rabbit hole of WTF. They used to put his face on the envelopes. I remember looking at them as a kid and wishing that I would won and that he would show up with a check for a million bucks.

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Have you seen the scandal about the bible verses changing? Isaiah 11:6 the lion will lay down with the lamb changed to wolf? It changed in ALL of the actual books!


They are also saying that Queen’s “We are the Champions” doesn’t end with “of the world”.

If you go and listen to all of the official studio recordings “of the world” is gone now.

Here is the official version of the song with the ending missing:

Here is residue from a live version (Freddie Mercury sings “of the world” at the end):

Time is matter vibrating. The past, present and future are simply differently arranged vibrations of matter. There are over 9000 matter/particle accelerators around the world that collide matter in an attempt to bring anti-matter into this plane of existence that is made up of matter.

Anti-matter and matter cancel each other out, thus rearranging the state of all matter in this plane of existence. Because consciousness is not made out of matter and simply “projected” into the matter filled plane of existence, it will not be affected by the rearrangement of all matter.

Discern this information on your own. The truth is within you.

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The narrative says that he never made it and you can’t find it anywhere…but here it is. At least a segment of it that proves it did exist.

That was made later to mock the Mandela effect. Nice try though. No need to troll or derail the thread with bait. Everyone remembers Shazaam and we know that the kid who was in it looks nothing like the kid in this film. There are also Mandela effect clues all over the video - from the newspaper to the Berenstein Bears books.

I am posting this in the year 2643.

None of you exist in my timeline.

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The lion and the lamb never appeared in Isaiah. It was always the wolf and the lamb.

The lion and the lamb duo is mentioned in Revelation.

Just sayin’…

I don’t know if this had anything to do with the Mandela effect, but when I was a child I remember that you didn’t need sunglasses to see well in the sun, that it was more yellowish than now, everything had a warmer color, and you could stare it for a couple seconds without burning your eyes for hours. Now it seems pure white, if you are outside you need sunglasses or you get blinded, everything has a grey-white tone, and if you take a glimpse of the sun you get an afterimage for half an hour.

When I was a child and I made drawings, I knew that the color of the sun was yellow. Recently I saw a kid asking their parents which color to use for the sun. I though: WTF. I didn’t undestand then but recently I’ve been thinking about how I see the sun now and how I remember it.

Maybe I’m just retarded, or maybe this is just nostalgia, or have they done something to the atmosphere that changed its color?

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Yep! When I was young, we spent most of the daylight hours outside. About the only time the sun really bothered us was upon exiting a movie theater after the matinee.

Now kids spend most of their time diddling with video games while inside an air conditioned room.

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No, it isn’t just you. The sun used to be a warm glowing yellowish orange globe and now it is a blinding white eye melting light. Both the look and feel of it is totally different from the past. Many people are saying the same thing. I think something changed in the 90s because there were a few documentaries about it.

I don’t claim this is authoritative, but it is certainly closer than I.

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Nothing will ever explain this. 007 fans will know what I mean. Dolly had braces.

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WTF is this?!? The whole point of the love connection was that she had a metal mouth too. Otherwise the scene and the connection doesn’t make any sense. Ok - I’m a little freaked out.

Not at all true.

This kind of crap is what circulates and becomes “factual” when FAKE NEWS is spread to enough useful idiots.

I have a vivid memory of it. Maybe I imagined it but I can’t see how. As soon as I saw the picture above I wondered where her braces went.

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