Manager at Walmart “Caps associates”

This country’s culture being watered down by these ghetto ass mofo’s is the cause for all this violence. Imagine trying to manage a bunch of employees with a FU attitude?

One of his ghetto employees

Andre bing is the suspected shooter. He was seen joking around with employees hours before snapping.

Another mass shooting, another opportunity for gun control advocates to push their agenda. It’s almost as if they plan these things. The latest tragedy occurred right before Thanksgiving, which is always a guaranteed tear-jerker. Oh…and right after the tranny mass shooting in Colorado. Nothing to see here!

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He’s black so mass shooter label goes away

Notice how the media already forgot lol black mass shooters

He and the Q-CLUB Shooter used handguns instead of “Assault Rifles”,too.
Liberal media is appalled and bewildered!

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