Man Shot in CHAZ/CHOP Wants to Sue Police for Not Responding Fast Enough

A man who was shot in the cop-free Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone now wants to sue the Seattle Police Force for not responding quick enough after his shooting, despite police claiming they were held back by angry crowds when they tried to enter the anarchist commune.

On Friday two were injured, one fatally, in a shooting inside the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone. During the shooting, crowds allowed firefighters to enter, but reportedly resisted the entry of the police, and helped the surviving victim to medical treatment where he was placed under intensive care.

The surviving man now wishes to sue the Seattle Police Department for not responding fast enough after he was shot.

In his hospital bed, the man began by explaining, “I was shot in Seattle, in CHAZ, on Friday. The cops left me out there to die.”

He continued, “I somebody in legal or the media to get my story told, and get it out there. I got shot five times–I need you guys’ help.”

Sad thing is, someone will help him out.

This story is great as a allegory for the essential nature of the modern left coalition:

  1. Great leftist street uprising against the authority of the police establishes a no-police zone where crime immediately explodes and the leftist hypocrites immediately start trying to blame the police they excluded for the chaos they created.

  2. The essential violence, stupidity and cupidity of the American black. Grifters and criminals and criminal grifters, the lot of them and none more so than the black activist.

  3. The childish nature of the white leftist; always expects somebody else to clean up the mess, accept no responsibility for their own actions; constantly LARPing at life -“Seattle Superheros”…Grow the fuck up you spoiled self centered vipers. You locked yourself into a zone with enpowered ■■■■■■■ and without the police and you are “shocked” that violence and sex crimes spiral out of control.

OK I would change my mind about assaulting this black hole and arresting them, just cordon it off like “Escape from New York”, let anyone enter who wants to but let absolutely no one leave…Except I am a responsible adult and I know we have so many of these idiots in this country that if left alone it will continue to spread until the entire country is like this.

The police of Seatle has a “Stand down” order from the mayor so the police are following orders.
The mayor, if sued, will claim that Chaz is an autonomous district controlled by BLM/Antifa.
He should sue George Soros who’s financing Chaz. He has billion$. Good luck with that ambulace chasers.

These black morons have giant balls and the entire demonrat party behind them . You can’t make this shit up !! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: