Man Pulls Gun to Ward Off Feral Chicago Teens

Nobody gave a shit until they saw the gun.

You have got to wonder: Why weren’t those women screaming “NO” when the thugs were beating up an old man?


You see two black thugs. I see a future doctor and future lawyer, struggling to get tuition money together. Those gud bois dindu nuffin.

The girls obviously knew the thugs.

It’s too bad the man didn’t teach the boys a more permanent lesson. He would have done his city and the country a favor.

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I thought it was weird that he didn’t shoot them. If you have to pull out your gun and point it at someone aren’t you supposed to shoot it? That’s the whole point of pulling the gun out and sticking it in someone’s face.I guess because they ran away when they saw the gun that prevented him from doing so? From the video it looked like he was a cop or armed private security.

And would have probably done at least 10 years in prison had he done so.

As soon as he draw it the threat was eliminated so any use of deadly force beyond that point would have at least been 2nd Degree Murder.

No, over 80% of DGU’s do not involve a firearm ever being fired.

You cannot lawfully shoot anyone unless there is an imminent threat of grave bodily harm or death and in the overwhelming number of cases all that is necessary to eliminate that threat is to simply make the thugs aware you have a firearm and are willing to use it.

It was a white guy taking a beating, to them that’s racial justice.

What’s a DGU?

As to your second point, from the video that man had no idea what the teens were going to do next. If he just started shooting both of them to me that would have been an equitable use of force.

All the blacks were laughing until the white guy pulled out the gun lol hahah

Defensive Gun Use…

In the video one of the blacks clearly takes the pepper spray from the older gentleman while the other one is hitting him in the face. Then, the one who took it goes into use it but realizes his biness pahtna is in the way. Old dude should have dropped both of them.

I wonder what part of Chicago he’s in? The blacks usually stay in the ghetto.

What is absolutely astounding to me in this video is how when a gun is pulled on the attackers how absolutely nonchalant they are about it.

Probably because they knew they weren’t going to get shot. The fake black outrage has worked in their favor. Police think twice now.

If someone pulls a gun you don’t know if you are or are not going to be shot. Especially when emotions are running high and the person you just attacked is the one with the gun. And that is what is so astounding to me; how casual they were about a gun being pointed at them.

Not sure why it’s astounding. Our laws are so fucking backwards in this country that criminals have rights their victims no longer have now. In Oregon, if a criminal breaks into your home and you shoot them in self defense and kill them, their family can sue you for wrongful death. Even if they broke the law.

That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Agreed. Blue state though, go figure.

Astounding is how casual the perps were about a gun being drawn on them. As though someone threw a bubble gum wrapper on the sidewalk.

They didn’t give a flying crap about our laws. I doubt they even know what our laws are.

What they got was, hmmm… I don’t have a gun. He does. Time to casually stroll over and pick up my backpack and move on to the next opportunity.

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