Man Lights Himself On Fire Near the Whitehouse

Things that make me go Hmmmm? Not to add insult to injury, but when watching this and the guy talking made the entire thing seem like I was watching A CLOVER FIELD scene! Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, but I guess this was real.

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*UPDATE as of 11:44 am 5/30/2019


Is this the next big thing for liberals? Hopefully we can see the entire Democrat party gather on the White House lawn and follow in the footsteps of their party comrade.


In other news, Trump announced Burning Man to be held in May, in DC.


I think the media is complicit in making the mentally unstable, go off the deep end and actually do crazy shit. This is the result of RESIST movement. They should be ashamed, if they had any conscience.


He had a fire proof suit on. Guess it leaked as he was taken in for life threatening burns.

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A joke about that has been making the rounds.

A trucker who lived in DC was driving into town after a long week on the road and wanted nothing more than a home cooked meal and his own bed.

But traffic was unusually bad heading into town, even by D.C. standards.

From his vantage point high up in the cab he saw men walking towards him through the stopped cars. When one got close he asked what was going on.

“You haven’t heard? Some terrorists have taken Congress hostage and are demanding a hundred million or they’re gonna burn them in a big bonfire.”

“That’s terrible! So you-”

“We’re out here gathering donations. So far people are pledging about a gallon of gas on average.”


Hi @Julia

You very much remind me of someone who posts on another forum who uses satire to make fun of those who are unaware of the subtleties.

Is this what your really want? For the entire Democrat party to gather on the White House lawn and to set themselves on fire?

I think not.

So, what is the point of your post?

No just the communists! Because let’s face it, they wouldn’t think twice about slitting your throat if it meant they could advance their political cause and subvert America to becoming a socialist state!

What makes you think that I’m not serious?

Put yourself on record, Julia. That you actually hope the entire Democrat party gathers on the lawn of the White House and sets themselves on fire.

Because quite frankly? I think you are a liberal here to get your jollies from people who haven’t caught on to you yet.

So. Prove me wrong.




This guy eventually died yesterday. What amazes me about this guy, is that he was casually just walking as he was on fire. Something tells me that he was in a different state of mind to not have felt that excruciating pain of being burnt alive.

If you spend years convincing your followers that things are hopeless and desperate some of them are going to act out. It’s just human nature for them to do so.

Just pouring gas on yourself burns like hell and would probably overwhelm the nerve endings at least to an extent similar to the way lidocaine does.

It’s easy for them to rant and rave online or at protests where they are protected. At least this lunatic had the courage of his convictions to take action.

He was on synthetic weed (which is an actual gateway drugs, btw. Synthetic THC doesnt metabolize as well as natural ones, and you get less high from the subsequent uses of either kinds).

8:05 AM PT – D.C. law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops believe Gupta was high on a drug called K2, which was laced with PCP.

We’re told responding officers saw signs Gupta was hallucinating – he also did not respond to their commands to roll over as they tried to extinguish him.

K2 is a synthetic THC, composed almost entirely of chemicals, which is banned in the U.S. There have been widespread incidents of people getting violent and delusional on K2.

Below might have been the inspiration of the bad trip

“Police Believe”. Nothing will be known until the autopsy is complete and tox report is back.

Maybe and it’s plausible. But I think it’s unfair comparing a monk who probably mastered transcendental meditation back in the 60’s who had a legitimate protest vs. a person who might have been on something and was mentally unstable who decided to light himself on fire. Then again who knows, because he didn’t appear to be in agony but merely casually walking about as if it was no big deal! This was pretty strange to watch nevertheless!

If he truly wanted to suffer he should have used diesel.

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I will buy the popcorn . :rofl::rofl: