Man Disguised in Islamic Veil Opens Fire On Paris Street

A man disguised in an Islamic hijab opened fire on the streets of Paris’s 12th arrondissement on Friday evening, in which investigators believe was a targeted attack.This is why the full mask needs to be banned, worldwide!
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It’s crazy how little attention things like this get. In the UK a few years ago a armed robber and police killer left the country in a burka to go back to his native Somalia

A few dangerous and successful bank jobs in the UAE were done b ymen .dressed as women.

A group of Israelis clad in Arab garb danced on top of a building across the Hudson as the WTC collapsed on 9-11.

The got arrested, but sure enough, got released soon and flown back to Israel.

It was Sheik Yerbouti


Remember the ISIS big honcho al-Baghdadi?