Man Critizes Insecure Woman Judge Who Killed His Son, Gets Jail and 500k Bond


Say goodbye to the 1st Amendment. We aren’t allowed to criticize judges now.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s office responded and found he criticized what Judge Rachel Rancilio pinned on Pinterest as in his opinion inappropriate, posted videos saying he feels she and others responsible for Killian’s death, and blamed the court system for his loss.

The investigative report also says at no time did he threaten harm or violence.

Still he was charged with malicious use of telecommunications services and released on bond. Then he made more posts, such as one that reads, “Dada back to digging and you best believe I’m gonna dig up all the skeletons in this court’s closet"

I’d like to point out here this is a GRIEVING FATHER imagine what they could get away with doing to evilnazisthatkilledsixmillionjews like us.

Look at this dumb shallow whore of a “judge”

I can practically hear her shrill, uptalking vocal fry right now.

What a hecking mess we are in.

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Don’t worry, you are still free to say whatever you want, you just aren’t allowed to say it any place where any one else can hear you.

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This twat’s name is Rachel Rancilio. Hi Judge Rancilio! I think you are a worthless piece of shit who has no business being a judge. Your feelings get hurt so you throw a man in jail? Fuck you. Come get me.


What the ever loving HELL? When you’re arrested for criticizing a judge and promising to dig up dirt on the court, something’s gone terribly wrong. Did he threaten them? I’m sorry but promising to expose skeletons isn’t a threat, it’s transparency. If this is the entire story, she needs to be run out of office.


But he made her feel “uncomfortable”, he needs to be put down like a mad dog.

No. I am on the second link now. He didn’t make any threats. He just wouldn’t quit calling her out.

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Pretty much. Disgusting… again if there’s no more to the story.

Which should be his right. The day we can’t criticize our servants, we’ve lost it and we need a revolution.

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I think it’s cute when women feel fashionable about their job. But when it affects people’s lives, it’s not funny any more.

Total abuse of power by this stupid ass bitch! Fking cunt! I hope Karma comes back and takes a big bite out of her!

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What a blatant abuse of power. She needs to be removed from her position ASAP.

I’'m wondering what caused the death of the child and if the mother has been charged with anything?

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Maybe she has dirt she knows can be dug up?

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What an abuse of power by the Sheriff’s office and so much for 1st Ammendment rights. He never in any way threatened any type of bodily
harm to her.
He is only guilty of expressing his opinion that her custody decision was the cause of his sons death.

I think this judge was more triggered by reading other negative posters responses to this guys original post that she justified her fear by going after him! I hope she gets disbarred! This is simply an egregious violation of this mans constitutional rights and I hope he sues her in civil court after this case concludes!

Doesn’t look like she’s going to get in any trouble at all. That’s a real shame because she is clearly abusing her authority. A man is in jail not because of what he did but because she is a judge. That’s a big problem.

Well I am not sure about that, she had to testify in open court about her actions relating to this case. Also it’s not uncommon for disciplinary actions from a ethics panel to withhold any decision until a case has concluded! This varies from state to state. Not saying you are wrong in your statement but I think it’s better to wait until this man has his day in court! He already rejected a plea deal so he and his legal team must be thinking they have a strong case on the merits of constitutional rights violation! Very rarely does the latter happen for such a petty case not to mention most legal experts agree that a 500,000 dollar bond is extremely excessive! There is just so many holes in this case that all signs point to this judge being embarrassed!