Man beats up a woman in the name of LGBT pride (MMA fight)

Promoters will promoter anything that makes them money it’s the commission that need to stop letting this happen

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Yes I do know what I am talking about and you being around amateur sports is irrelevant when it comes to law which you know nothing about apparently, so put a fkng cork in it and stop being obtuse!

I have be around professional sports and a top end amateur coach that helped someone win gold at the Olympics in a full contact sport I’ve been around 3 full contact sports one being MMA one of my old coaches was coaching at the UFC a coupe of weeks ago whilst coaching a guy I use to train with and in the 3nd full contact sport I had can’t say for a 100% fact that the coach started working with the England national team but that’s what I was told. I’m not good at singing dancing or punctuation but I know fighting and when you sign up to a full contact fighting sport you sign up saying you accept the risk of what you are involved

If you really believe in what you are saying I suggest you contact Tamikka Brents because she can use your expertise on account of Fallon Fox fracturing her skull when Tamikka Brents was unaware she was fighting a tranny and you will make good money for it whilst sticking it to progressives and your also be helping a fellow veteran but you won’t do that because what your saying is not based in reality you know nothing apparently, so put a fkng cork in it and stop being obtuse!

Oh and fuck it just to boast as a teenage I was scouted at rugby and got to train with one of the country’s leading professional teams I almost got to go to New Zealand but only made the shortlist but I still got 2 free tickets for the Heineken cup final I took my Dad to that game we got give free stuff (souvenirs) and he showed everyone at his work he was real proud of me even now I can think of my Dad collecting my awards up on stage man I was good at sports manly fighting