Man accused of raping three children in a week was released on bail twice by same judge

A New Mexico man accused of raping three children in a week and sexually assaulting his own 13-year-old daughter was released on bail twice by the same judge before being arrested a third time on Monday after a statewide manhunt.

Raymond Hernandez, 29, was first taken into custody on January 15 after allegedly raping a teenage girl and beating her friend. Judge Ernest Ortega released him on a $10,000 bond.

The “judge” doesn’t even have a law degree.

Judge Ortega came to his position through unlikely avenues. He did not go to law school, but rather studied pre-law in college and graduated to study “the making of law” under New Mexico State Senator Jeff Bingaman.

The judge: Ernest L. Ortega
The kiddie rapist: Raymond Hernandez

Judge needs to be sharing a cell with him.


Not a cell - the judge should have him share a bedroom with his kids/grandkids.

You can become a judge without a law degree??

Yep - in some states you can just get on the ballot and run for the office. It’s a lot easier to do in rural areas with low populations. Just get a professional photo of yourself in a judge’s robe, slap it on some campaign materials, send it out.

Congratulations - you are now a judge.

Yes, you can. Even on the SCOTUS. The last one without a law degree was Stanley Reed. 1938-1957.

Robert Jackson went to law school for a year. 1941-54.

Amazing that CNN , MSNBC or any main street leftist news outlets reported on this?

I wonder why that is?

They are busy whitewashing photos to make the rapist look like a blonde hair and blue eyed Aryan.

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And given the liberal indoctrination centers most law schools are now, not necessarily a bad thing.

You know why, because there is an even more liberal Lt. Governor in the wings ready to take his place.

He’s a local NM magistrate similar to a Justice of The Peace in other states. That level of judge requires no degree or law enforcement experience of any kind. Basically they are supposed to be the “common man” kind of judge who sees things through the eyes of same.

If I remember right a newly elected Magistrate in NM gets a one week course in Santa Fe on how to run the court, that’s about it.

The job pays so little no lawyer would likely ever take such a position.

Thank the dems ……………


Save money. Shoot the bastard.

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