Male Female Harassment?


If anything, IMO and in the linked story above, women are worse to each other. I feel awful for the family of the deceased young woman.

This “sisterhood” deserves to lose its chapter. How many want to bet if the Hankins family is awarded a judgement and Alpha Kappa Alpha loses its chapter at Northwestern its members claim racial discrimination?


What about people who are thin skinned attempting to join a fraternity or sorority? Personal responsibility has to come in somewhere. She could have voluntarily walked away at any time. She subjected herself to the treateme to she received.

@JKM - I also do not understand your title.


I have a daughter in college so I feel for the parents but I have got to wonder why this girl didn’t say anything to anyone. Maybe she wouldn’t have told her dad what was going on but girls usually talk to their moms about this stuff. A sad case that was entirely preventable. It’s not like high school - you choose where to go to college. She had options. Many options.

“What about people who are thin skinned attempting to join a fraternity or sorority?”

So these young men and women should be subject to everything from sleep deprivation to physical abuse?

I do believe so called hazing is illegal, and, in any case, if a Greek letter organization’s behavior is more grief and aggravation than it’s worth, they can lose their chapter at that school.

The Original Post title refers to all of these #metoo complaints made against men by women. Good God even Cristiano Ronaldo is being forced to provide a DNA sample for a rape that allegedly took place 10 years ago.

I find, if anything, women are worse to each other everywhere from academia to the workplace. And I’m sure if this young woman who wanted to be part of a group had been beaten and sleep deprived by a man, he’d be in jail.

This is your point? I agree.