Make a case for the politician or policy you detest. To demonstrate, I will try to make a case for Hillary

I say these things because I want my fellow Conservatives to see that they can be as effective as I am and even more so.

And becoming better informed is the ammo that allows me to be as confident as I am and this is what I want for all my fellow patriots and what we, as debaters, can all achieve.

In the spirit of this opposites day thread I’ll write a case for Joe Biden. Listening to Joe Biden we know.

Joe Biden understands the working man because he grew up as a British coal miner.

Joe Biden is humble enough to know credit card regulations are too complex for him so he recruited MBNA lobbyists to draft the legislation.
He thought so much of MBNA’s contribution he helped his son Hunter get a job with them.

Likewise Joe Biden as a regular rider of Amtrak commuter trains acted as a tireless advocate for some $3 billion per year in taxpayer subsidies. Joe Biden even thought so highly of Amtrak he got his son Hunter a position on the board.

Joe Biden was a top law school graduate who possesses an extraordinary IQ. He is a stout defender of his ability and accomplishments even against the questions of ordinary citizens.

Joe Biden is a man of extraordinary physical fitness. Just last week he confidently predicted he would defeat an 82 year old man in a push up contest. To save the media from exhaustion Biden’s staff limits his appearances to mornings and early afternoons.

For 8 years Joe Biden acted as a worse alternative to President Obama shielding him from impeachment. During this period he found time to take care of his family like any good parent he protected his son Hunter’s job at Burisma by demanding the Ukrainians fire a troublesome prosecutor or face the loss of a billion dollars in loan guarantees.

Joe Biden gave up a lucrative career to act as a public servant. So restricted were his finances he was forced to charge his secret service protective detail rent. Since leaving public service he has made millions in speaking and like his son Hunter consulting fees. The common man now serves as an example of how someone can do very, very well by doing public service.

We’d be lucky to have someone with Biden’s healthy self image as our President. Settling issues with push up contests is an example of the kind of innovative techniques Biden would bring. In addition, the ban on afternoon meetings would free administration officials to attend happy hours. Think of the lucky companies that could have Hunter Biden on their boards.

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Clever and funny.

But what did you LEARN from it?

What have you gained from the exercise as you carried it out?

And you must be commended for the effort even though it fails to deliver the benefits it could have had you played it straight.

Im reminded of the video of the dog who was trained to have a delicious morsel of food on his nose without immediately scarfing it down.

It takes will power to resist trashing our opponents. It takes mental discipline to see their good side.

And if we cant do it (and WE are the superior ones, right? LOL) how the hell can we expect the Left to ever make the effort to see the good side of President Trump?


What did I learn? I reaffirmed how effortlessly the Leftist drivel that passes for serious discussion can be manufactured. Yes, it’s risible satire but we live in a time when the chair of the House intelligence committee can poison the atmosphere of a hearing with a hateful fantasy reinvention of the President’s phone conversation only to be applauded by members of his caucus for his malfeasance.

How do you find the good in zealots leading the Democrat party when they have a maniacal belief in the ends justify the means with a fervor that would make a jihadi blush?

How can we see President Trump’s greatness and the Left cant?

A few suggestions:

Pretend you are an attorney defending your client in court.
Pretend you are God seeing his wayward children.
Compartmentalize their good actions from their bad actions.
Find the things that look good on the surface.
Try understanding why their supporters support them.
Imagine you will earn a large amount of money for doing so.
Pretend you are an enemy of America and need to promote one of your hopefuls without drawing undue attention to yourself.

Because it’s non existent. The moral majority traded their religion for Trump and now decency, morals, civility and character are passé.

The right, in deference to their long held ambition to sway the lower and highest courts in their direction have set all that aside.

The hypocrisy is thick enough to cut with a knife.

Great imitation of a Kafir.


So you think all Americans that don’t like the president are worse than Muslims. See that’s the problem with you people. You lack any decorum or civility.

Thanks for proving there will be no accomodation with the ends justify the means Resistance. Condemnation from an amoral Left alleging hypocrisy ring hollow in light of the utter rejection of any standard of behavior practiced by the Left.

After years of brazenly declaring there was irrefutable evidence President Trump colluded with the Russians Democrats have yet to apologize for lying after the Mueller witchhunt collapsed. Democrats arrogantly dismissed any pretense of fairness or due process in conducting their caricature of impeachment. Fair play and morality are weapons to attack political opponents not something to shape the policies of the majority. :roll_eyes:

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You lack good sense and judgment if you believe enemies of America who look and act and sound like loyal Americans are less dangerous to America than Muslims who look, act and sound like Middle Eastern, African or Asian Muslims.

The big difference is the self righteous, holier than thou right, all along masquerading as the moral majority and character matters party who then ditched all that for the amoral, boorish, name calling, insulting white trash piece of shit in the White House because he’s bringing them the judges they like.

Exposed as the charlatans they are.

Your definition of enemies of America is bemused.

Well of course they did, and the entire world has it. Not only did the traitor stand before the whole world and invite Russian interference, he did the same with Ukraine and China.

You might be bemused.

My definition might be bemusing.

The suggestions for gaming a up a bunch of rosey platitudes to describe Resistance zealots brings to mind the old adage that there is nothing to be learned in the second kick of a mule.

I haven’t been posting here long but my comments ought to have demonstrated that gilding the Resistance lily is well within my capabilities. Besides, God is jealous and so wouldn’t look kindly on my pretending to be him.

No…it’s just what I said

Maybe I didnt well explain the benefits of the exercise.

What do you think?


If Hillary is nominated again by the Democrats, Montecresto will vote for Trump.

The downside is that I think the world will end at that point.

You are nothing if not mule headed.


That’s a distinct possibility, but more than likely I go for the third party again…