Mainstream Media is Furious that ZERO Refugees Were Resettled in the US Last Month

This is a positive development and gives at least one good white pill in the sea of shit we find ourselves in, though I fully expect the (((courts))) to do something about this ASAP. The demographic replacement of white people in their own countries must not be stopped or slowed.


No doubt they are working overtime to make sure that this issue is corrected.

This will be a short term victory because the Democrats will win both houses of Congress and the Presidency so they can stand up their revenge government.

Oh yes, because everyone in the entire world apparently has a Constitutional right to enter our country and setup as permanent squatters.


Everyone is American. Not all have come here to claim their right to citizenship. Yet.

White people will be a minority demographic in the US in roughly 20 years. The sick thing about all of this is it’s only white countries that have to accept forced diversity, meanwhile white people only make up 11.5% of the global population. A true ethnic minority.

I think you’re right about that but hopefully that doesn’t happen until 2024.

More foreigners in America stop Americans from doing what is best for MOST Americans.

Let’s keep the number of refugees at ZERO.

Good! We hit zero for one month. Now let’s start repatriating them back to their countries where they belong.

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You could probably take that prediction to Las Vegas and place your bet.

Odds are that you would lose big.

I wouldn’t be so sure. I think you’re working under the assumption that the Democrats are going to play by the rules and that the Republicans are going to call them out and hold them accountable if they don’t.

I’m no illusion

I suspect we will see a record number of illegals vote in 2020