Mail-in Voting Mishaps: A July compilation

This is just in barely half a month of July, when local elections take place. Imagine the chaotic fall-out in the actual election night.

Those who use mail-in voting for the first time — especially young, Black and Latino voters — are more likely to have their ballots rejected because of errors, said Charles Stewart, a political scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who studies election administration.

''That’s the sort of thing that makes me wary about what’s going to happen in November when we get an even larger influx of people who haven’t voted, or haven’t voted by mail in the past," he says.

From the 2nd (from the top down) NPR source:

It’s an amazing spin, really. Here is Nick Corasaniti at NYT writing about how overwhelmed the mail-in vote system in NY is, and 5 days later disregarded the same concern from the President.

LOL, we have the ultimate fraud in Colorado.

100% mail in ballots and same day registration.

What could possibly go wrong?

I did get my mail in ballot for the primary forwarded to my new address in Wyoming.

So Im guessing CO is not flipping red anytime soon.

With the influx of liberal population the entire state is now blue. Pretty sad as all the things that brought the idiots to Colorado are being eliminated with the progressives elected to office.

We are cutting across the board yet the governors pet legislation full time kindergarten (baby sitting) has not been touched.

Needless to say, I moved to Wyoming where reality still exists.