Magicians of the Gods (audiobook)

6hours and 40 minutes.

Still, it’s a lot better than watching stupid TV.
Very easy on the eyes too.

Göbekli Tepe dated 10,000 years.
Sophisticated megaliths and ornaments built by hunters and gatherers (before the age of agriculture)?
Something is fishy.

Giant meteor strike caused Younger Dryas
and massive flooding in North America and elsewhere.


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Joe Rogan show.
Pros and cons of Hancock, with himself present and joining in the discussion.

This runs 3 1/2 hours

My take:
Hunters and gatherers, busy with their own survival issues, have no rhyme or reason to build a gigantic monument, astronomically aligned, or a worship center or whatever at Göbekli Tepe which would required advanced technology and massive labor force.
Therefore, Hancock is correct in saying there were individuals arriving in the area from a distance site with very advanced civilization (namely Atlantis which disappeared under water exactly the moment Göbekli Tepe crops up out of nowhere).