Magazine Shares 4-Year-Old Boy with Sign: “Men Have Periods Too”

This is absolutely reprehensible and evil.

A four-year-old boy holding a controversial sign which read “Some men have periods, too… If I can get it, so can you” was reposted by the Instagram account of Parents Magazine.

The post was inspired by Venus’ decision to drop the female symbol from their tampon packaging over fears it ceased to be inclusive enough to menstruaters of all genders.

Poor little child shouldn´t even know what a period is, and probably doesn´t.

They posted this in Parents magazine, no less. I’m guessing that a more apt title for the magazine would be Virtue Signaling and Single Mommery

Just another chip out of the foundation of this once wholesome country. CREEPING GRADUALISM. Our moral fabric slowly being shredded.

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I see stuff like this and am convinced that the satanic globalists are trying to push people over the edge. They want us to go ballistic so they can use it as an excuse to put the boot on our necks.

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I searched every “Parent’s Magazine” i could find on IG simply for the shitshow that the comments would have been. Couldn’t find it. Maybe these fools came to their senses and took it down. One can hope.

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Let’s hope that the backlash caused them to pull it down. If that’s the case then we need to keep applying the pressure…in addition to boycotting their products and services.

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