MAGA: Trump Expected to Announce Gun Control Legislation this Week to Show What Winning Looks Like

The Trump administration is expected to announce its proposal to curb gun violence as soon as next week. But after the Democrats’ fiery debate on gun control, what President Trump will support is far from clear.

The White House has been talking to a trio of lawmakers: Democrats Chris Murphy and Joe Manchin and Republican Pat Toomey. They all support tougher background checks.

After the recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, Mr. Trump called for gun control legislation.

“I’m talking about meaningful, write that word, meaningful, meaningful background checks,” Mr. Trump said August 9.

Excellent! We need to stop these white supremacists from killing one more person! So much winning guys!


I had a feeling he’d do it ever since the bump stock thing, but I thought he would have the basic cunning to wait until after he was re-elected, at least.

Maybe it’s just more smoke and mirrors, though. Like attacking Syria, or building the Wall, or deporting illegals, or whatever.

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Given Orange Man’s track record, I can’t say I’m overly worried about this. He’ll post some stupid tweets and say some stupid stuff, but nothing will change. I am surprised he’d be dumb enough to bring this topic up now, though. He’s seems bent on removing any reason anyone might have for voting for him.

But alas the democrats have given him a reason to not for Trump.

Pick anyone from the clown bus that wins the primary and the reason to vote for trump is apparent even to the traditional democrat. Not so much for the progressives as they are far less intelligent.

Trump won’t do it this time around and that’s okay. If he manages to escape impeachment yet again we are going to get legislation passed and that fat orange Cheeto scumbag is gonna sign it.

Then your 2A hero president will have just taken all your guns lol