MAGA Mask-Wearing Nuns Steal The Show At Trump Rally

Religious nuns wearing “Make America Great Again” masks at President Donald Trump’s rally excited the attention of Twitter users Saturday evening.
At least three different nuns can be seen standing behind the president as he spoke Saturday night in Circleville, Ohio. The nuns, dressed in white, black and purple habits and wearing crosses around their necks, also wore black masks with the letters “MAGA” on them, were in the front row of the Trump rally.
One nun held a bible in her hands, pictures show, while others held rosaries.

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So much for the separation of church and state for the MAGAts. Disgusting.

Thank you for another one of your ignorant stupid statements. Three nuns at a rally has nothing to do with church and state you brainless anus.

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Oh, they are okay with that you see. It’s only when a Christian supports someone that they scream “Separation of church and state”, a phrase that appears nowhere in the constitution.

Pray tell me how many times the word “church” makes an appearance in the US Constitution?

How do you know “God” is “Christian God,” given the vast majority of the founders were masons?

(I’m not denying the fact that the ruling force of today’s Dems is demonic)

I am not opening that can of worms in this thread.

I agree there are a lot of worms in that can.

Father Frank Pavone is another big MAGA guy. He is one of the most well known Catholic priests in America. I am so glad to see these nuns and Padre Pavone. As a Catholic myself, I know that there are too many fake Catholics (CINO’s) who claim the name and then turn around and spit in the face of the Church, like Biden and Pelosi, so these folks are a breath of fresh air.

This really pisses me off

But one man earned the scorn of the internet after he was accused of “doxxing” the Trump-supporting nuns.

What happened?

Peter Vroom, whose identifies himself as a “former Republican” in his Twitter bio, singled out the nuns on Saturday after images of them at Trump’s rally went viral.

“The 3 nuns attending Trump’s rally in Ohio today are from the order of the Children of Mary in Cincinnati, OH. Here’s a comparison of their picture from the rally today without face masks and a picture from their website. I am not using their names,” Vroom tweeted, linking to a website about the nuns.

Vroom added, “Bizarre and disgusting. Positioning nuns wearing MAGA masks directly behind @realDonaldTrump at his Ohio rally. Are they praying for the hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths Trump is responsible for?”

What was the response?

The backlash against Vroom was immediate and swift.

As usual another example of the Digiturd attempting to derail another thread. That is three in one day!


I got banned by mods and heckled by members for doing what he does