Mad Dog Mattis Resigns - Official Hate Thread


I’m gonna guess ole’ Madcuck wasn’t too happy about the Syria withdrawal, or the Afghanistan withdrawal, nor the military being tasked with building the border wall….he IS a globalist, after all. He also stopped Trump from barring cross-dressing ■■■■■■■ from entering the military.

This closeted homosexual needs to get out of the way.

Let your Traitor Mad Dog Mattis hate flow.


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Rabid Dog Mattis is a traitor (((Neocon))). He’s probably also a Pizzagate elite pedo ring leader or a dicking sucking ■■■■■■■ Never trust an old man who never married and never had kids. That is the biggest red flag that something is very sick in his psyche. If he was a playboy leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him, that I could at least understand. Do you know any men who are truly celibate and who are not completely fucked up psychos? Just look at the Catholic Priests for what happens when men try to be celibate.

Rabid Dog Mattis is probably the mastermind who is the fixer who arranges to load hundreds of cages of anesthetized lil’ pizzas onto Military C-130’s to traffick them from 3rd Shitholer War Zones back to Lolita Island and Podesta’s Hawaiian Hot Dog Stand and Denny Hastert’s Japanese island and Lindsey Graham’s Air Force Reserve bunker sex-dungeon.

Rabid Dog Mattis is just another blood drinking Dr Strangelovian US general. The Pentagon has an MKULTRA room of vats full of brains growing in tanks where they clone these kinds of robotic ■■■■■■■ like Mattis, who will go out and continue to lead the US military into debacles of World Policing and aggressive Imperialism the blows up in our faces and where they will lead our military into yet another unwinnable war with no defined parameters of victory and into yet another national humiliation like Vietnam I, Vietnam II, Vietnam III, IV, V, VI…. Vietnam XIX.

By the way, the real secret goal of MKULTRA is to bankrupt America by wasting our tens of trillions of dollars on pointless lost wars in order to prevent us from having nice things like smooth roads, sturdy bridges, and also to ensure every American city morphs into Detroit–decaying Shitholer Hellscape zoos for wilding ■■■■■■■.

Heckuva job Matty. The unbroken lineage of chain of succession of bungling and evil ghoul SecDefs going back to McNamara remains on course, with a new War Monger Traitor clone always replacing the last clone.

Finally, I might add that if you look at Rabid Dog Mattis’ military career, you’ll see he himself has been part of the problem of the War Machine.

Recall that Mattis was the General in charge of the war in Kandahar in 2001. Mattis let Osama bin Laden (Tim Osman) slip through his fingers and escape via Tora Bora into Pakistan.

Mattis claims he asked for permission to kill bin Laden and was denied by the CIA glow ■■■■■■■, who wanted their Made Man asset to escape and live to attack another day as a heel useful to justify the roll out of the American Empire.

Mattis was in charge of tens of thousands of Marines and billions of dollars of weapons, but he was not creative enough to “hack” the system and MacGyver up a solution allowing him to go kill bin Laden without permission and in defiance of his ZOG Langley Overlord’s micromanaging interference.

How can you trust any General who is too stupid to figure out how to hack back and fuck the CIA in order to do the right thing, damn the consequences?

Fast forward to Trump’s Syrian War, and we can see where such a lack of imagination costs a heavy price on all of us. Mattis still wants to expand the war in Syria, even today, right now. Mattis loves ISIS. Mattis wants to help ISIS, by funding them and arming them and providing USAF cover to them. Mattis is butt buddies with ISIS because Mattis doesn’t give a shit about real Justice on Earth. Mattis has probably secretly pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr Baghdadi, just like John “Bayah” Brennan has already done a decade ago. Mattis only cares about himself and his ■■■■■■ Pentagon brass and playing God with little plastic green soldiers and expanding the wars and starting more wars in order to lose those wars and finally bankrupt America for once and for all, so that we will be incapable of defending ourselves against the hordes of ■■■■■ and Muzz barbarians at out borderless, wall-less gates.

is that good enough of a hate thread for you?

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The much-heralded “adults in the room” like Mattis always ended up advocating for more troop deployments, rudderless interventionism, and general militaristic belligerence. There was nothing “adult” about it, just folly.


Are you people serious? Mattis is a highly regarded and well respected man. We needed his steady hand.

Soon both he and Nikki Haley will be gone, and many of us are sorry about it.

And who do you think is going to replace him?

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is virulent and vicious. It’s the only explanation for this thread, or defending a reprobate like Trump while attacking a man of Mattis’ character.

If General Mattis or anyone else wants to stay in Syria, we should start a go fund me and buy them a ticket there! See ya!

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No kidding. Maddox is 5 times the man any of his critics will ever be.

I may not agree with him on everything but the man has most certainly earned our respect and gratitude for a lifetime of dedicated service.

Hate to see him go.

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Trump was pretty clear about his position on foreign policy. We have had over a century of ‘foreign entanglements’ and the farther we go down that road the more we depend on them. Their is a difference between backing our allies and getting it 17 year long wars with some nebulous goal of ‘nation building’ as our objective… I say that if we need to deploy our guns in defense of an Allie, it should be quite clear to anyone we might use them against that it will be swift, ruthless and we won’t spend a lot of time quibbling about what the ground looks like when we are done… It is time that the ‘Common’ in ‘Provide for the Common Defense’ means the common defense of US citizens… not the entire rest of the world. We are in a fight with communism for sure but our fight today is a little closer to home. Never forget Nikita Khrushchev’s admonishment of ‘We Will Bury You’ which translates more precisely to 'We will be present when you are buried.’ We have a lot of people in the US carrying shovels… perhaps it is time to get our own shining light in order before we blind everyone else with it…

With regards to Mattis he is a loyal soldier to the Republic… The extent to which the Republic extends itself is my only disagreement with his point of view.


Greg Maddox? The pitcher?

I agree 100%. This is a very worrying development

I have nothing personal against Mattis. I disagree with his position and I’m glad to see him leaving. The last time that Congress declared war was in 1942. We don’t need to be in a perpetual state of war in these far-flung countries that mean absolutely nothing to most Americans. We’ve wasted countless dollars and American lives for nothing. Mattis wants to keep us fighting. That’s not what the president campaigned on and it’s not what the people voted for.

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General Mattis is a man of WAR !!! And without a war to fight he is totally lost . We are not looking for a war and we need to stop spreading our great men all over the World with the hope of starting a war !!!

I agree with Mattis that we shouldn’t screw our allies. Knee-jerk decision making my help drain the swamp back home, but as far as foreign relations go, it’s rarely understood and usually leads to bad blood. (IMHO)

We don’t have any allies.

Secretary of Defense Mattis might be the first cabinet official to have his job thanks to Facebook memes. While cool Mattis quotes became fodder for veterans and their boosters he became a legend. A legend created by Mattis himself. Military leaders historically used the press before to achieve psychological aims at home and abroad. Napoleon so deftly controlled his image that disasters like the Egyptian campaign were sold as victories at home. The problem with propaganda is that it is an omnidirectional weapon that harms friend and foe alike. Unlike many famous generals in history Mattis has never won a war, nor waged a decisive campaign. He found victory in the minds of the American people by creating a legend based upon his selflessness, standards, and intelligence. When you look closely you find that all of these were overhyped and distorted. Mattis’ story remains essentially unchallenged. I believe that no public figure is above scrutiny and I write this in the spirit of openness and accountability.

On Christmas day of 1998 General Krulak was delivering cookies to the unlucky Marines who had guard duty in Quantico, VA. He was surprised to learn that then Brigadier General Mattis was the duty officer. Mattis explained that he took the shift from a young Major so he could spend time with is family. It’s a story of self-sacrifice and kindness that warms the heart. Until you start to look. First off Mattis is a lifelong bachelor. You can’t really say that you’re sacrificing your time when you have nothing better to do. Second General Krulak delivered cookies every Christmas which means that Mattis knew his boss would see his kind gesture. What at first glance is a selfless act came at no personal cost to Mattis and gained the favor of his commander.

Tom Ricks is an influential author, reporter, and columnist for national security affairs. His books are best sellers and he frequently contributes to such high profile publications as Foreign Policy Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and The Washington Post. In “The Generals” he laments the American military’s refusal to fire generals for incompetence. He cheerfully approved Mattis’ firing of 1/1 commander Colonel Joe Dowdy as a return to the standard of accountability.

Dowdy’s regiment encountered unexpected resistance from the Fedayeen Saddam in the city of Al-Kut. The Fedayeen were loyal to Saddam personally they operated as stay behind guerrillas. The Fedayeen fought the initial invasion of Iraq more effectively than the Iraqi Army or Republican Guard and were the first major force in the subsequent guerrilla war. The CIA reported the capabilities of the Fedayeen, but bureaucratic processes devalued this intelligence for the invasion plan. No invasion plan considered the Fedayeen at all.

Generals Mattis and Kelly were disappointed that Colonel Dowdy wasn’t moving as fast as the plan demanded. When he couldn’t complete his fighting on schedule Mattis relieved Dowdy of command. For added humiliation Mattis ordered Dowdy to surrender his pistol. This reflects poorly on the competence and character of Mattis. Mattis is a voracious reader who served during the abortive reforms of commandant Al Gray should have known the difference between a command push and a recon pull. Reviewing the doctrine of maneuver warfare reveals that unplanned delays, like what Colonel Dowdy encountered, are both inevitable and opportunities for tactical maneuver by adjacent units. Mattis’ inability to grasp the intelligence on the ground made a mockery of his intent to be a general that briefed his staff. His unwillingness to make a bold tactical adjustment reveal incompetent officership and lazy scholarship. Tactically the firing was a blunder. Morally the firing was cruel. By stripping Colonel Dowdy of his pistol in a hostile country Mattis’ revealed a deep contempt for his subordinate as a person. The fact that this incompetent and immoral act added to the Mattis mystique is as deep an indictment of his boosters as himself.

His badass quotes and stories were already spreading when he was an active duty Marine. After he retired he was able to solidify his reputation as a warrior scholar with serious input on national security policy. He gave interviews and speeches at prestigious colleges and think tanks. He delighted audiences with cool stories from his career. In one the captured terrorist he interrogated wanted to immigrate to the US after meeting Mattis. In another he was forced to write book reports for his commanders as a junior officer. He name dropped his favorite authors without ever discussing their implications in detail. Russia was belittled as a fragile and crumbling state. Iran was demonized as a rogue state. He had successfully buttressed his reputation with minimal political risk. He served on the Board of Directors of the fraudulent Theranos. His relationship to this company before and after retirement also went largely unnoticed, but not unrewarded. Not surprisingly he was a shoe-in for Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration.

As Secretary of Defense Mattis has publicly contradicted his commander in chief’s decisions. Adding conditions post hoc to the summit with Kim Jong Un unilaterally. He approved the National Defense Strategy Summary of 2018 which reoriented the US military toward antagonizing great powers with conventional capabilities that rival our own. This relegates the wars against non-state terror groups to secondary importance despite their hostile operations. He also fired a Pentagon fraud inspector while facing independent inquiries that he favored Amazon for technical products. Somehow this self-serving insubordination was celebrated as “independence” when Mattis finally resigned as Secretary of Defense. The Mattis myth makes all of this shocking, but the Mattis record makes it all predictable. The Mad Dog turned out to be a Paper Tiger.

He probably has too much to lose now (pension / retirement stash… things that the puppet masters could make go away.)

Or a Blue Falcon.woHR8UG