Macron's Address to France



Macron’s address last night had the exact opposite effect.

Here is a live stream of Paris right now :rofl:

Instead of the Yellow Jackets they now have the Marxists coming out of the woodwork for more gibs.

Hoping for clashes.


I have no love for the French at all except for the FFL so it’s kinda funny to watch the meltdown.




Turn on Fox, German TV or the BBC.


Im hoping the people of France look towards the direction of Marine Le Pen soon.


Marie’s appeal will only grow over this. She’s really not the far right nutt she’s played out to be in the press, she’s just a pretty solid conservative. Her party made gains in the last election cycle and no doubt if Macron and his gang keep pulling crap like this she’ll be in a good position to run again and win while her party makes significant gains in the legislature and down ticket races at the local level.


Has he never seen farmers choke Paris with tractors before… has he not seen truckers destroy highway travel before?.. he is screwing with the wrong group of Frenchmen…


She has been quite thus far and that is good… Allow Macron to slowly destroy himself and then come out and ask the yellow vests to join with the rest of the country… organize and run the leftist and globalist leaches out of the country once and for all


Surely not?


The French rocky balboa