Macron dissolves French parliament and calls for new election

In the wake of huge loses to the far-right in European Union elections, President Macron has dissolved the French parliament and called for new elections.

This move suggests Macron’s acknowledgment of the public no longer supporting his government or his policies.

Of course in the Netherlands and now Germany, the rise of the far right parties a term used by MSM to label anyone who is against the globalists is now becoming fairly obvious that people in Europe have had enough of the scumbags policies like Macon who is basically another NEOCON and the French version of Gavin Newscum. This will continue until issues like economy, illegal and unfettered immigration among other social issues is addressed in a hard way.

This is a map after the EU elections. The Brown represents the far right parties.

See the bigger picture? Trudeau is next!


Yep. White dots are Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Rouen, all infested with immigrants and leftists.

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I am not very familiar with how the French Government is set up in terms of their elections. Just as you articulated the areas you described is the densely populated areas of France. The rest is similar in terms of the more conservative citizens such as farmers and laborers.


Marine Le Pen is not an extremist.

She represents the voice of reason in France in the face of the intentional destruction of France and replacement of the French with blacks and Arabs

She had a falling-out with her father who might be termed extreme right. He wanted immigrants out, which was a very reasonable thing to do. Today the situation got a lot worse.

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The EU is deathly afraid of her, but the damage is already done!