Low-IQ Ice Cube: 'Will Trump Be the First President to Nuke a U.S. City?'

Of course he’s not going to NUKE a US city. The loss of property would be too devastating. I’m sure he’d have the sense to use a neutron bomb, killing leftists while leaving property intact.

I just love how all of these celebrities feel so comfortable making incendiary statements from the comforts of their mansions in their gated communities.

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Trump will save the nukes for the communist Chinese. Let the rioters use fire to cleanse all those leftist shithole cities. Isn’t it funny how all these burning cities are run by Democrats?

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This coming from a guy who made millions glorifying crime, attacking police, and living a degenerate lifestyle in the ghetto. After watching those movies and listening to his music I’ve often wondered why the US didn’t level those places to the ground decades ago.


I don’t know that I would object too much to Trump using a nuke on the city of Los Angeles.

At least we won’t have to hear them peddling their degeneracy for one single day lol

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Yeah @520ALX And I just love how that pussy Trump makes inflammatory comments on Twitter from the very secure gated house he lives in down in its bunker like a mole…:roll_eyes:

Ice Cubic is a black racist moron and only idiots like Monty pay attention to his BS .

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I like the idea of a Neutron Bomb. Just as long as the Red Pills are warned in code first before they do it.

Oh, you mean like these inflammatory comments from your precious peaceful protesters who dindu nuffin?

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What a freaking moron!

What’s wrong with you. The legitimate protests over the death of Mr Floyd in police custody have nothing to do with ass holes like that, and those people engaged in their criminal behavior have no interest or connection to the the death of Mr. Floyd. They have co-opted legitimate and legal protests with their hatred and anarchist ideologies, and I have been perfectly clear about that from the beginning…