Love It Or Leave It! Why Can’t Democrats Get This Right?

The response to this recycled Trump battle cry of essentially - Love it or leave it is simple.

Democrats/liberals/progressives/the squad all love their country and want good things for Americans. Criticism of the President/GOP/GOP supporters is not criticism of the country, it is a criticism of how it is governed. Dictators want people to believe that criticism of themselves/their policies/their rhetoric is the same thing as hating the country. That is unAmerican.

The First Amendment guarantees the right of all Americans to voice criticism of the government.
Granholm came close to this in a CNN interview, but missed the critical distinction between criticism of country and criticism of Trump. The words that Americans have the right to criticize their country (as opposed to the right to criticize the government) should never be uttered by a competent Democrat politician.

Except we do have the right to criticize the country, including its founding principles and even the Grand Canyon, which is an eyesore.

Maybe Trump should leave?

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The inexorable demographic shift that is taking place across this country is scaring the shit out of DT and Repubes in general. Their new battle cry, love it or leave it, is directly tied to this shift.

What you say is absolutely correct. My point is that it’s not good politics to frame the argument that way. Words make a difference especially when the goal is to persuade 80,000 voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to switch their vote in 2020 to the Democrat candidate.

Just an observation that not many people think through, but we don’t really need to persuade 80,000 Trump voters to switch. Trump has made no outreach to new voters, he just doubles down on the existing base. But the youngest voters skew heavily toward Democrats and the oldest voters skew heavily toward Trump. In short, more than 80,000 Trump voters have already died in those three states. to be replaced by voters that overwhelmingly skew toward Democrats. Trump has a losing strategy (which does not guarantee a loss). We need to appeal to, and get out the votes of, our side.

To take back the Senate we need to persuade GOP voters to switch and - more than that - to defeat the voter suppression efforts that continue to afflict NC, WI, PA and some other states that we would otherwise have carried in 2016. But to beat Trump in 2020 we don’t need any Trump voter to switch.

Yeah I like to see proof of voter suppression that you claim as being verified fact! Just because you express this as an opinion doesn’t make it true! So please try being factual with your assertions something you progressives have a hard time doing!

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Again living in a fantasy world and not being truthful with yourself to understand what the actual sentiment of the country is currently is proof positive you love living in your own echo chamber! Again I welcome a open dialogue with you in order to provide an opportunity to convince me why your ideas are ones that will persuade me to vote for your candidate! If you can’t do that then you are doing a great disservice to your own cause!

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Why is the Grand Canyon an eyesore?

Also you are absolutely right, and I welcome your criticism as outrageous as they maybe sometimes!


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And yet your a demoRAT !!! Hypocrites one and ALL !!!
It was Democrats who fought a war to keep slavery legal. It was Democrats who killed Abraham Lincoln, the Republican President who freed the slaves . The Majority of Democrats voted against the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, and it was Democrats who introduced Jim Crow segregation laws.

What a great way to influence people to vote for them. :roll_eyes:

I guess there wasn’t room for:

Medicaid for all
Taxpayer funded free HC for illegals
No private HC Insurance
New Green Deal
Free College

Maybe in your toxic bubble but its not happening across the nation.


I think Trump is a decent man. We elect Presidents, we do not elect Popes. The political game is a game that requires thick skin. Don’t like it, don’t play the game. Easy. Anyway, I believe Trump is doing a decent job. The fact that he irritates people is one of the reasons he got my vote. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m tellin my mom. What a hoot these liberal wusses are. Vaginas, Manginas, and anything in between. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Almost forgot: "MY COUNTRY, RIGHT OR WRONG.

There’s nothing wrong with criticizing our country when you believe we haven’t always had a halo overhead.
When anyone criticizes a president, they should leave the family ( wife, son etc.) out of it .
The Leftist Dems can’t discuss
anything without bringing race or gender into any discussion which shows how narrow- minded they are

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Do you notice how most here who are progressives will not debate Nor respond to any people who have differing views? This is the true hallmark trait of Marxist progressives all learned from their bible “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alynsky! Do not debate for fear of your ideas being proven wrong in the lines of reason defeats the bigger strategy of drowning out your opponents ideas!

HeyJimsouth,this your ole pal Freedom76, remember me???
R U still in the Potsville area??? Last August, I finally moved out of that 3rd world city ( Reading) and moved to Exeter Twnshp and love it.
Hope to have many meaningful discussions with you here.