Loudmouth failure Stacey Abrams, who lost Georgia governor race, to deliver response to State of the Union



I think it’s their way of saying they don’t recognize the outcome of elections unless they win them.


Bob Casey would put them to sleep and Joe Manchin would agree with Trump.



The more the Democrats do stupid things like parade a stacey abrams the more the people will gravitate towards Trump.

If the Democrats cant see that then they are dumber than I thought.

God help her if she attacks Trump, because even though Im disappointed in Trump for caving in, the one thing that he is a master at is attacking those who attack him, Trump is a graduate of the Roy Cohn school of nastiness


That’s been the case since at least 2000 with the “great recount debacle”.


does she even hold a political position?

democrats are such idiots. i bet media is so excited

(oh my i hope i can “broadbrush” like everyone else does when talking politics)


She’s their best and brightest…who else do they have?


Oh wait thee is already a thread about here here.

And I’m also thinking you just tipped over the apple cart. :rofl:


i missed this thread oops! the title is better haha


amazing how democrats worship losers.


Hey, they are more pissed at Northam about his college blackface/Klan pick than his baby killing comments.

All they have are kooks.


What the Hell are the Dems thinking??? (Don’t say it, I know they don’t think.)

Let’s reverse engineer the thinking here:

  1. Can’t have any of the ancient old leadership from DC, last time droopy-eye’ed Chuck, and tighten-my-face Pelosi did a reply is looked like an episode of The Living Dead.
  2. We don’t like white people, so that knocks out a bunch of people.
  3. We can’t endorse any of the announced or potential candidates, that whole killing of Bernie was way too pubic.
  4. We can’t have any of the young avowed commies, like Occasional Cortex, do this, they are killing us already.
  5. It has to be a woman because of MeToo…
  6. It has to be someone that we can throw under the bus without consequence.

I am kind of surprised that Hillary didn’t get shoved on stage.


If there are any true centrist democrats left they are few, far between and most likely afraid to pop their heads up fearing the mob reaction as soon as such democrats start speaking.


If there are any, they will repaint themselves as radicals. Hillary and Biden will if they run.