Lottery Grant Supports Rotherham Diversity Forum - No Money For Muslim Rape Gang Survivors

Almost £340,000 has been awarded to Rotherham Diversity Forum to offer support to victims or those in fear of hate crimes. Meanwhile the victims of the rape gangs - raped with broken bottles, raped by up to 50 men, gang raped, burnt with cigarettes, urinated on, called white slags while being raped - are placed on waiting lists for counselling as there are no funds available.


What a bunch of nonsense. I’m in fear that something might happen. Gibs me dat!


It’s interesting that being called a white slag while being raped doesn’t constitute a hate crime.

And many NPCs believe that there’s no such thing as war on whites.

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That’s because the UK eurocrats hate native whites. It’s time to think bigger. There is no “value” or “set of ideas” worth fighting for.

They are distractions, stirred up by the media, so that our OWN people start arguing and fighting with each other over nonsense while they unleash biological weapons against our people:

  • Immigration

  • Promotion of Miscegenation

Only your family, people and continuation of your people are worth fighting and dying for.


Coming from early November, 2009…that is hardly current news. I don’t recall the rape stories existing in that year. That was a little over 9 years ago.