Looks like our swamp needs draining now?

“Home Secretary Priti Patel ‘deeply concerned’ by ‘false MI5 claims’”

Subtext: “Media reports that Home Secretary Priti Patel is distrusted by intelligence chiefs and bullied her staff have been dismissed as “false” by the government. Officials have denied that MI5 held back information from Ms Patel, following [allegations that officials lacked confidence in her abilities.”

It’s because she has hit the Home Office ground running, After years of May’s ‘light touch’ Patel is like a fox getting into the henhouse.

“She has also been accused of trying to force out Sir Philip Rutnam, the most senior civil servant in her department.”

The complacent career civil servants 'don’t like it up 'em, Captain Mainwaring, they don’t like it up ‘em.’ (only Brits will understand that bit)

Nice! I guess when the intelligence community doesn’t like a politician they can just arbitrarily choose what information to show them when they are trying to make decisions.

Sounds like every single person in your MI5 needs to get fired.

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That’s the point - they’ve been getting away with it for so long they now believe they’re untouchable, whether or not they’re up to the job. Complacency is endemic in Whitehall and woe betide any senior politico who dares to rock their boat.

The Donald will recognise that scenario better than anybody??

So the deep state in the UK doesn’t like people looking into what it’s doing. Sounds familiar. I bet it’s the same in every European country…just like it is here in the US.

Do you think your politicians have what it takes to exposes these jerks and make sure they know who is in charge?

Draining the DC swamp is a massive undertaking that would take years to complete. These SWAMPVERMIN would take refuge in the Judicial system and delay action as long as possible along with support from their DESPICABLE allies in the media.
To bad we can’t take them all to Devil’s Island.