London and Chicago have a lot In Common Now!

I’m rather speechless after reading that. :flushed:

If society is running into tough times the more children the better also women that do not have children appear to be unfulfilled emotionally I don’t mean to talk badly about your daughter I apologise if I caused any offence

Natural biological drive combined with sentimentality I suppose.

No offence taken - it’s just that she believes the world isn’t a good place into which to bring children; nor does she want to add to and hasten the coming global population explosion - unless militant Islam gets us first? - where wars will be fought over regional water shortages, and the drought will lead to crops failures which in turn will lead to mass starvation. That makes sense to me? :shrug:

There is always a new technology around the corner people have been worried about overpopulation for sometime

We are basically here to pass on our DNA if you produce less than 3 children you are basically acknowledging that your DNA should not continue to exist and the fucked up thing is you’re paying taxes that are being spent on providing for other people children through benefits and food stamps in your own nation and paying for medicine/food/water for other countries allowing them to produce large numbers of children

And do you really want a resentful third world immigrant looking after you in your old age I think that’s a recipe for abuse

Many of us coming of age during The Cold War felt the same.

Throughout history billions of people living in different ages felt the same.

Call it a natural form of population control, no shame in it.

Actually the two main things which hitherto have controlled global over-population have been fatal diseases and (as you imply) wars. It isn’t rocket science to conclude that with the stupendous advances in medical science over the past two/three decades, and the absence of wars, population increase will be unstoppable? And if there isn’t a cure for Ebola before it becomes a pandemic, our extinction will be even faster.

Throughout nature you see various species reproducing heavily in good times and dramatically reducing or even ceasing reproduction during hard times.

People making the decision to not have kids at all or hold off until the future is more certain is essentially just an extension of that.

Oddly enough with humans though one of the biggest contributors is greed. Once people move into the middle class or start working hard to do same they tend to cut back on having kids or forego it altogether. Kids are expensive to raise, require a large investment in time, energy, and emotion and so often middle and upperclass couples are choosing not to have them.

This is largely why over the last forty years or so in the US and much of the rest of the western world we’ve seen an ever shrinking middle and upper class while the bottom feeders continue popping out babies like gumballs.

And then there are the rednecks (we call them chavs) who churn out sprogs like they’re going out of fashion. Like these . . . 2mins 30 secs in

Way too much truth in that.