LOL! LGBT Muslim Festival: 'We don't just have one identity'

These people are either not aware that Islam abhors homosexuality and condemns homos to death or they’re trolling everybody.

I really hope that they have this festival and that it’s televised live. I want to see the religion of peace be as peaceful as possible to the LGBTQ “community” who will be “confused” when Sharia law is instituted in real time.


Will this be a rooftop festival?


:rofl: I can’t stop laughing at the sign “Love is not Haram” . I’m absolutely certain that man on man buttsex is haram.


When the radicals come out to counter protest the police won’t be able to do anything because of their BAME status. The irony is almost too much!


Why do they think we care what sexual orientation they are ? :joy:

How many more of these disgusting pride marches do we have to endure? There seems to be at least one a week. Time to stop over egging the pudding. We get it, you are flaming degenerate homosexuals who have no business being in England.

When will local followers of Sharia Law start hanging them from trees or light posts???

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Where is the biker caps, black leather body straps and tatoos on the men???

The circular firework is going to be explosive.

They’re not ‘marches’, they’re blatant exhibitionist freak shows.

Is this a Hollywood Joke?

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Just wait till they infest holiday parades!!! That would look good for Thanksgiving and Christmas parades.

And yet these freak shows always draw so many hetero spectators, and often families with their kids are roadside, watching and vocalizing and waving rainbow flags. It’s really weird.

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