Lock Her Up - Hillary Did Commit Crimes

There is no question that Hillary committed a federal crime. Hence the cries to Lock Her Up. The real question is: Why did Lying Comey not prosecute her for her crime(s).

The crime? Destroying public documents while under Congressional subpoena. The fact that she did this is not even in question. The fact that corrupt Comey did not recommend prosecution speaks more to Comey’s corruption than anything else.

Cries to LOCK HER UP were totally appropriate.

Trump on the other hand has committed NO crime at all. Calling for him to go to prison is just stupid and demented.

Leftwing liars who try to compare the two are just that: LIARS.

The Democrats who are currently parroting, “No one is above the law!” in reference to Donald Trump are going to spin like a Duncan Yo-Yo when the heat is applied to Hillary and her cronies.

Those under the scrutiny of AG Barr are beginning to turn on each other already.


Welcome to the state of modern politics and the so called “free and independent press” which is in no way “independent” any more.

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Just keep in mind that the democrats loves Barr when he was appointed because they thought he would go after Trump.

Now he’s worse than the spawn of Adolph Hitler and Satan.

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Calling the deep state liars is an insult to liars! The Hillary exoneration memo was written months in advance of Hilary’s litany of crimes Comey broadcast on national TV so the “fix was in” because they expected her to be President and the shameless criminal’s have the audacity to blather all over MSM media about Trump’s supposed crimes, it’s about as insane as it gets, and it makes one wonder what kind of delusional bubble do these people live in for crying out loud as reality completely escapes them! :roll_eyes:


“Fake News” is nothing new to me. I voted for Reagan in 1980 and for the following 39 years I have seen how the media distorts and lies. Much of what they do to Trump they did to Reagan, like calls for impeachment (Iran-Contra), name-calling, cries of racism, tax breaks for the rich, mentally unfit, the usual crap & lies. Of course they are far worse and mean today, but the litany of allegations is about the same. Same for Bush too.

They treated Reagan poorly for sure but I’ve never seen anything like what they are doing to Trump. They aren’t even attempting to hide the bias anymore and most of them don’t even try to pretend to be independent or in any way objective.

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Oh, for sure. The mask is off.

Funny… I voted for Carter but walked away from that election with the same conclusion…liberal Democrats are filthy liars. I switched parties and was a Republican or independent until this year… when I decided I wanted to help Democrats pick their candidate in the primary. :wink: So I am [throws up in the trash can] a Democrat now.


It is cool to hate Trump. The moronic Hollywood actors prove that.


Which of course had to be done and congress wasn’t about to cut anywhere else to do it hence, it had to be done with deficit spending.

That is the truth! There used to be actors and recording artists that I really liked until recently (recently in the last 10 years cumulatively) they expressed their political views, then they ruined it all for me! George Clooney, Metallica, John Cusak, JK Rowling, U2, Linda Ronstadt, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, and a host of others that are escaping my mind at the present moment!

What it really makes one wonder is why with the plethora of evidence against her, that Trump told rally goers to stop chanting lock her up, he didn’t care about that anymore…:man_shrugging:

It’s been explained before. Not even gonna waste my time doing it again. Let’s just say… he isn’t her.

I’ve had the same disappointment going all the way back to the Dixie Chicks and Willie Nelson.

These “stars” apparently have no idea just what they are losing when they come out attacking the US and those who supported them.

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